Granville, Mary

Biography: Artist. Born Wiltshire, 1700. Moved to London shortly after. Educated at home and an exclusive Huguenot school. Death of Queen Anne 1714 and whig supremacy reversed family fortunes, uncle held in the Tower for 2 years, father also detained briefly. Family moved to Gloucestershire, then Mary went to stay with uncle at Longleat 1717. Married Alexander Pendarves 1718, as family was dependent on his generosity and he required an heir. Marriage was unhappy. Moved to London 1721. Pendarves d.1725. Had a number of suitors but showed no inclination to marry again. Went to Ireland 1731. Met Patrick Delany, an Irish Anglican cleric whilst there, but he was engaged to a rich widow at the time (m.1732). Married Patrick Delany 1743, after his first wife's death. Lived in Ireland with him til his death 1768. Returned to London. Became a royal favourite whilst staying with the Duchess of Portland at her country house at Bulstrode. Began paper mosaics 1774, completed nearly 1000 by 1784. Given a house at Windsor by the King 1785. Died at Windsor Castle 1788. Her letters are a major source of contemporary information about varied topics.

Biography Date: 1700-1788

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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