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Gray, Robert

Biography: det. St Salvator's Coll., St Andrews 1507-8, lic. 1508-9, student of Manderston, regent in King's College 1519, appointed Mediciner 1522/3, at Orleans, d. after 1549.

From Provenance Catalogue: Robert Gray was a professor at the College of Boncourt before coming to King's College, where he became regent in 1519. About 1522-3 he became the college's second mediciner. He signed Bishop Dunbar's charter in 1529. He died after 1549. See Rait, Robert Sangster: The universities of Aberdeen. Aberdeen, 1895.

Biography Date: fl.1507-1549

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes; CERL; Fasti 35; Drummond 300; ESL 105.

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