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Grant, Sir Archibald, of Monymusk

Sir Archibald Grant of Monymusk

Biography: Baronet of Monymusk. 2nd bart., advocate, M.P. and agricultural improver., Born Scotland 1696. Passed advocate of the Scottish bar 1714, later called to the English bar. Succeeded to his title 1726. M.P. for Aberdeenshire 1722. Expelled from House of Commons 1732, for speculative activities (some little more than frauds - particularly dealings with York Buildings Company), never returned to national politics. Began improving his estate 1734. He published two pamphlets in Aberdeen on agricultural matters, The Farmer's New-Year's Gift (1757) and The Practical Farmer's Pocket Companion (1766). Died Sept 1778.
[Some of the books ascribed to Sir Archibald Grant were published after his death but are inscribed as being from his library. They are included under this heading as being from the family library.]

Biography Date: 1696-1778

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes; LOC; CERL; DNB

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Grant, Archibald A compleat body of distilling. Smith, George London 1725
Grant, Archibald A complete body of husbandry : collected from the practice and experience of the most considerable farmers in Britain. Bradley, R. London 1727
Grant, Archibald The complete farmer : or, A general dictionary of husbandry, in all its branches. Society of Gentlemen London 1769
Grant, Archibald The complete grazier : or, Farmer's and cattle breeders and dealer's assistant. Horne, Thomas Hartwell London 1839
Grant, Archibald The complete grazier : or, Gentleman and farmer's directory. Horne, Thomas Hartwell London 1776
Grant, Archibald Flora anglica. Hudson, William London 1762
Grant, Archibald An essay on ways and means for inclosing, fallowing, planting, &c. Scotland. Macintosh, William Edinburgh 1729
Grant, Archibald Farriery improv'd : or, A compleat treatise upon the art of farriery [vol. 1] Bracken, Henry London 1745
Grant, Archibald The complete grazier : or, Gentleman and farmer's directory. Horne, Thomas Hartwell London 1767
Grant, Archibald Essays relating to agriculture and rural affairs. Anderson, James Edinburgh 1775
Grant, Archibald Every man his own gardener : Being a new, and much more complete gardener's kalendar than any one hitherto published. Mawe, Thomas London 1773
Grant, Archibald The experimental husbandman and gardener : containing a new method of improving estates and gardens. Agricola, Georg Andreas London 1726
Grant, Archibald The farmer's instructor : or, The husbandman and gardener's useful and necessary companion. Trowell, Samuel London 1747
Grant, Archibald The farmer's letters to the people of England : containing the sentiments of a practical husbandman. Young, Arthur London 1768
Grant, Archibald Farriery improv'd : or, A compleat treatise upon the art of farriery [vol. 2] Bracken, Henry London 1743
Grant, Archibald A discourse on the cultivation of waste and barren lands (Flax & wool) Turbilly, Marquis de London 1762
Grant, Archibald The flax-husbandman and flax-dresser instructed : or, The best methods of flax-husbandry and flax-dressing explained, in several letters, / by... Dublin Society Glasgow 1756
Grant, Archibald The gardener's and planter's calendar : containing the method of raising timber-trees, fruit-trees, and quick, for hedges. Weston, Richard London 1773
Grant, Archibald The gardeners dictionary : containing the methods of cultivating and improving all sorts of trees, plants, and flowers. Miller, Philip London 1754
Grant, Archibald The gardeners kalendar : directing what works are necessary to be done every month in the kitchen, fruit, and pleasure-gardens,... Miller, Philip London 1757
Grant, Archibald The gardener's new kalendar : divided according to the twelve months of the year. Hill, John London 1758
Grant, Archibald The gardener's pocket-calendar, containing the most approved methods of cultivating the useful and ornamental plants for the kitchen-garden, flower-garden, and... Ellis, Thomas London 1776
Grant, Archibald The gentleman's stable directory : or, Modern system of farriery. Taplin, William London 1793
Grant, Archibald Gardener's pocket-book; or, Country gentleman's recreation. Hill, John London 1751
Grant, Archibald Horse-hoeing husbandry : or, An essay on the principles of vegetation and tillage. Tull, Jethro London 1751
Grant, Archibald Husbandry and trade improv'd : being a collection of many valuable materials relating to corn, cattle, coals, hops, wool, &c. Houghton, John London 1728
Grant, Archibald Ichnographia rustica : or, The nobleman, gentleman, and gardener's recreation. Switzer, Stephen London 1742
Grant, Archibald Ichnographia rustica : or, The nobleman, gentleman, and gardener's recreation. Switzer, Stephen London 1718
Grant, Archibald An introduction to botany : Containing an explanation of the theory of that science, and an interpretation of its technical... Lee, James London 1760
Grant, Archibald Of husbandry, in twelve books, and his book concerning trees. Columella, Lucius Junius Moderatus London 1745
Grant, Archibald The ladies' companion to the flower-garden. Loudon, Jane London 1844
Grant, Archibald Miscellaneous dissertations on rural subjects. Forbes, Francis London 1775
Grant, Archibald Modern Eden : or, The gardener's universal guide. Rutter, John London 1769
Grant, Archibald The modern husbandman, for the month of June. Ellis, William London 1742
Grant, Archibald A new and complete system of practical husbandry : containing all that experience has proved to be most useful in... Mills, John London 1762-65
Grant, Archibald New and correct tables : shewing, both in Scots and sterling money, the price of any quantity of grain, &c. Thomson, John Edinburgh 1761
Grant, Archibald Observations in husbandry. Lisle, Edward London 1757
Grant, Archibald Observations on live stock, containing hints for choosing and improving the best breeds of the most useful kinds of domestic... Culley, George London 1786
Grant, Archibald Observations on modern gardening, illustrated by descriptions. Whately, Thomas London 1771
Grant, Archibald Observations upon the shoeing of horses : together with a new inquiry into the causes of diseases in the feet... Clark, J. Edinburgh 1775
Grant, Archibald The planter's guide : or, Pleasure gardener's companion. Meader, James London 1779
Grant, Archibald Practical agriculture : or, A complete system of modern husbandry. Dickson, R. W. London 1805
Grant, Archibald A practical treatise of husbandry : wherein are contained, many useful and valuable experiments and observations in the new husbandry. Duhamel du Monceau London 1759
Grant, Archibald Present state of husbandry in Scotland : extracted from reports made to the commissioners of the annexed estates, and published... Wight, A. Edinburgh 1778-84
Grant, Archibald The principles of agriculture and vegetation. Home, Francis Edinburgh 1757
Grant, Archibald The profitable planter : a treatise on the theory and practice of planting forest trees. Pontey, W. London 1809
Grant, Archibald Rural oeconomy : or, Essays on the practical parts of husbandry. Young, Arthur London 1770
Grant, Archibald Select transactions of the Honourable Society of Improvers in the Knowledge of Agriculture in Scotland : directing the husbandry of... Honourable Society of Improvers Edinburgh 1743
Grant, Archibald A systematic arrangement of British plants : with an easy introduction to the study of botany. Withering, William London 1801
Grant, Archibald A treatise on cattle. Mills, John London 1776
Grant, Archibald A treatise on forest-trees. Boutcher, William Edinburgh 1775
Grant, Archibald A treatise on the diseases and management of sheep : with introductory remarks on the anatomical structure. Mackenzie, George Stuart Edinburgh 1809
Grant, Archibald The whole art of husbandry : or, The way of managing and improving the land. Mortimer, John London 1712
Grant, Archibald of Monymusk An inquiry into the human mind, on the principles of common sense. Reid, Thomas Edinburgh 1764
Grant, Sir A., of Monymusk The lawes and actes of Parliament, maid be King James the First, and his successours Kinges of Scotland. Scotland. Parliament. Edinburgh 1597
Grant, Sir Arch. A complete history of the most remarkable transactions at sea, from the earliest accounts of time to the conclusion of... Burchett, J. London 1720
Grant, Sir Archibald Chronicon rusticum-commerciale : or, Memoirs of wool, &c. Smith, John London 1747
Sir Archibald Grant of Monymusk Proposals for maintaining and employing the poor of the Shire of Aberdeen. 1750