Dundee, John Grahame of Claverhouse, Viscount of

Biography: Jacobite army officer and politician. Born 1648. Declared heir to the title of Graham of Claverhouse 1652, but his mother was his guardian until he was 14. Admitted St Salvator's Coll., St Andrews University c.1658-1661. Commissioner of excise and justice of the peace for Forfarshire 1669. Volunteered for military service abroad 1672. Changed sides 1674 and fought for William of Orange. Captain of horse 1676. Given command of an independent troop of horse 1678. Sheriff depute of Dumfries, Annandale, Wigtown and Kirkcudbright 1679. Defeated at the Battle of Drumclog June 1679, lost his independent command. Summoned to London to attend the court 1679. Close association with James, Duke of York (later James VII & II) 1679-82. Granted the estate of Freuch in Galloway, the heritable sheriffdom of Wigtown and the heritable regality of Tongland, north of Kirkcudbright. Colonel of a newly formed regiment 1682. Sworn of the Privy Council 1683. After 1684 began a period known as "the kiling time", long associated with Claverhouse, may have been the principal protagonist of a brutal regime, but reports of his conduct are exaggerated - involved directly in only 3 executions, though these were controversial, and he was rigorous and zealous in the pursuit of his duties. Stripped of his place on the council March 1685 but reinstated in May. Promoted to Brigadier, May 1685, Major-General Dec 1685. Made viscount of Dundee and Lord Grahame of Claverhouse 1688. Rebelled against the convention in Edinburgh which decided that Scotland should side with William of Orange in the revolution of 1688. Pronounced fugitive and rebel 20 March 1689. Marched for the Highlands Apr 1689. Gathered the clans 18 May 1689 to recruit more men. Marched east, some small skirmishes with Hugh Mackay's army and a couple of castles sacked over the next ten days. Reward of 18,000 merks for Dundee, dead or alive, offered July 1689, then

Biography Date: 1648-89

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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