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Gordon, Robt.

Biography: Benefactor and merchant. Eldest son of Arthur Gordon, advocate. Bap.1668 Aberdeen. Travelled in Europe, settled at Danzig, Poland as a merchant. Acquired wealth and then returned to Scotland. Described as "Merchant in Aberdeen" in documents dated 1699, 1707, & 1708. Settled permanently in Aberdeen 1720. Said to have been a miser, but a keen collector of coins, medal and drawings. Died unmarried 1731. On his death, conveyed his entire property to the town council to found and maintain a hospital [school] for educating poor children. Hospital was completed 1737, fund left to accumulate and hospital opened 1750. Became a day school 1881.

Biography Date: bap.1668-1731

Biography References: LOC; DNB;

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