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Gascoigne, Thomas

Biography: Theologian. Born Hunslet, near Leeds 1404. Started at Oxford (probably Oriel) between 1416 and 1420. Ordained priest 1427. Rector of Kirk Deighton 1433-c.1443. Incepted as DTh 1434. Vice-chancellor of Oxford 1434, 1439. Chaplain to Henry VI between 1434 and 1445. Chancellor of Oxford 1444-5. Rector of St Peter's Cornhill 1445-6. Prebend of Combe Decima 1449-1458. Died Oxford 1458. Prepared a preacher's aid Dictionarium Theologicum. Interested in providing collections of books with a secure future. Other works: Hieronymi illius vita, Septem flumina Babylonie, Veritates ex scripturis, Ordinariae lectiones, and Sermones evangelorium (per John Bale).

Biography Date: 1404-1458

Biography References: CERL; DNB;

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