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Galloway, Alexander

Biography: Incorporated at St. Andrews univ. 1493, later at St. Andrews and a student in Aberdeen. Canon of Aberdeen. Rector of the University at intervals from 1516-49, also regent and subprincipal. Architect of the Bridge of Dee and of Grey Friars Church. Official of diocese. Close associate of Elphinstone. Succeeded James Ogilvie as rector of Kinkell. Involved with Aberdeen breviary. Ordered the visitation of 1549. Died c.1552.

From Provenance Catalogue: A prominent figure in the early annals of King's College, Galloway was rector by 1516 and three times thereafter. He strove to maintain the university ideal and as rector ordered the visitation of 1549, after which 51 alterations were recommended. He lectured on civil law and was very generous to the chapel, as he was to the church at Kinkell, where he became prebend in 1521, and later rector. He was also in residence as canon of St Machar's from 1545 to his death in 1552. He was chief architect to both Bishop Elphinstone and Bishop Dunbar, building Greyfriars and Leper's Chapel, Aberdeen, and adding to the church at Kinkell. A man of many talents, he was as sound in business as he was enthusiastic in scientific studies. With Hector Boece he discovered barnacle geese in the Hebrides. See Keith, Alexander: A thousand years of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, 1872; Rait, Robert Sangster: The universities of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, 1895.

Biography Date: fl.1493-1552

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes (Bibliog. Aberd., p39, Rait, R.S. The universities of Aberdeen, pp.84 sqq., Anderson, P.J. Studies in the history of this University, p103.); CERL; Fasti 7, 51; ESL 100; Drummond 299;

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Gallouay, Alexander Questiones morales. Magistris, Martinus de Paris 1490
Gallouay, Alexandri Tomus tertius continens Collectanea Venerablis Bede Presbyteri in Epistolas diui Pauli apostoli, ex operibus sanctissimi & doctissimi ecclesiae catholicae epsicopi... Bede, the Venerable, St. Paris 1522
Gallouay, Alexandri Domini Simphoriani Champerii Lugdunen. Liber de quadruplici vita. Theologia Asclepii Hermetis Trismegisti discipuli cum commentariis eiusdem Domini Simphoriani. Sixti philosophi... Champier, S. Lyon 1507
Gallouay, Alexandri D. Ioannis Chrysosto opera: quae hactenus versa sunt omnia, ad Graecorum codicum collationem multis in locis emendata. Chrysostom, John, Saint. Basel 1530
Gallouay, Alexandri Diui Prosperi Aquitanici opera accurata recognita. Prosper, of Aquitane, Saint. Lyon 1539
Gallouay, Alexandri Prima lec. Dominci de Sancto Gemi. Super sexto li. Decre. Cum apostillis Erimii ... Doctoris mediolanensis... Bernardini ex capitaneis de... Dominicus, de Sancto Germiniano. Lyon 15--
Gallouay, Alexandri Diui Cyrilli triarchae Alexandrini, in Evangelium Ioannis commentaria .. Recognita. In quibus multa habentur adiecta, ultra eorum ... Aeditionem, praesertim... Cyril, St, Patriarch of Alexandria. Basel 1524
Gallouay, Alexandri Epistole diui Pauli apostoli, cum commentariis preclarissimi viri Jacobi Fabri stapulen. Le Fevre d'Etaples, J. Paris 1517
Gallouay, Alexandri Athanasii episcopi Alexandrini sanctissima eloquentissima que operra [sic] rursum impressa ac studiossime emendata. Commentarii in epistolas Pauli, que a quibusdem... Athanasius, St., Patriarch of Alexandria. Paris 1520
Galloway, Alexander Decreti huius plenissimum argumentum ... Referiuntur hic Divisiones domini Archidiaconi ... Utilis insuper libellus quie Margarita decreti vocatur ... Gratiani... Gratian. Paris 1507
Galloway, Alexander Rapsodie historiarum Enneadum. Coccius, M.A. Paris 1509
Galloway, Alexander Policratici contenta. Festivum opus: & omni statui delectabile lectu: quod intitulant Policraticum de rugis curialium et vestigiis philosophorum Joannis Salesberiensis... John, of Salisbury. Paris 1513
Galloway, Alexander (Collections Latin 1521-22) Cicero, Marcus Tullius Paris 1521-22
Galloway, Alexander Nicomachean ethics Latin 149-. Aristotle. Paris 1496-1500
Galloway, Alexandri In hoc volumine contenta, Divi Gregorii primi in beatum Job moralis expositionis libri XXXV; Pastoralis cure liber unus in IIII... Gregory I, Pope. Paris 1523