Fraser, James

Fraser, James

Biography: James Fraser was born in Petty, Inverness in 1645 and attended Inverness Grammar School, then King's College (1660-1664). After graduating he established his reputation in London as a procurer of books for the aristocracy and the Royal Family. He was librarian to both the Stuart dynasty and their successors, William and Mary, and Queen Anne. He was also Secretary and Registrar of Chelsea Hospital and Deputy Licenser of the Press. King's College, Aberdeen, awarded him an honorary doctorate for his donation of rare books and funding for buildings. He also endowed 12 bursaries for Frasers or Invernessians. J.U.D., 1725; Died London 1731.

Biography Date: 1645-1731

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes; LOC; DNB; Fasti 100, 199; Drummond 299.

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Fraser, Jac Traite de la generation et de la nourriture du foetus. Tauvay, Daniel Paris 1700
Fraser, Jac Experimenta circa res diversas naturales, speciation illas, quae ex Indiis adferuntur. Redi, Francesco Amsterdam 1675
Fraser, Jac Exercitationes de differentiis et nominibus animalium. Charleton, Walter Oxford 1677
Fraser, Jac Genealogiae inperatorum, regum, principum electorum, ducum, comitum, et dynastarum, qui circo Saxonico, Westphalico & Burgundico comprehenduntur. Henninges, Hieronymus Uelsen 1587
Fraser, Jac Vocabularium Hispanicolatinum et Anglicum copiosissimum. Minsheu, John London 1617
Fraser, Jac Petri Andreae Matthioli commentarii secundo aucti, in libros sex Pedacii Dioscoridis de medica materia. Mattioli, Pietro Andrea Venice 1559
Fraser, Jac Ulyssis Aldrovandi philsophi et medici Bononiensis Ornithologiae. Tomus tertius et postremus. Aldrovandi, Ulisse Bologna 1603
Fraser, Jac The conclave of physicians. In two parts, detecting their intrigues frauds and plots against their patients. Harvey, Gideon London 1686
Fraser, Jac Clementis Alexandrini omnia quae quidem extant opera. Hervet, Gentian Florence 1551
Fraser, Jac Erucarum ortus, alimentum et paradoxa metamorphosis, in qua origo, pabulum, transformatio, nec non tempus, locus & proprietates erucarum. Merian, Maria Sibylla Amsterdam 1717
Fraser, Jac Works Greek and Latin. Homer Geneva 1606
Fraser, Jac Physiognomie and chiromancie, metoposcopie, the symmetrical proportions and signal moles of the body, fully handled. Saunders, Richard London 1653
Fraser, Jac Indiculus universalis Pomey, Francois Antoine London 1679
Fraser, Jac Essays on divers weighty and curious subjects. Parker, Samuel London 1702
Fraser, Jac Systeme de philosophie : contenant la logique, la metaphysique, la physique, et la morale. Regis, Pierre Sylvain Paris 1690
Fraser, Jac La philosophie des gens de cour. Gerard, Armand de Paris 1685
Fraser, Jac The history of philosophy in eight parts. Stanley, Thomas London 1656-60
Fraser, Jac L'art de penser : contenant, outre les regles communes, plusieurs observations nouvelles, propres a former le jugement. Arnauld, Antoine Paris 1668
Fraser, Jac A discourse wherein is examined what is particularly lawfull during the confusions and revolutions of government. Ascham, Anthony London 1648
Fraser, Jac Commentaire philosophique sur ces paroles de Jesus-Christ, Contrain-les d'entrer. Bayle, Pierre 1713
Fraser, Jac A dialogue of polygamy. Ochino, Bernardino London 1657
Fraser, Jac De la conversation. Mere, de, Antoine Gombaud Paris 1677
Fraser, Jac The history of the Chaldaick philosophy. Stanley, Thomas London 1662
Fraser, Jac A second vindication of the reasonableness of Christianity, &c. / By the author of the Reasonableness of Christianity, &c. Locke, John London 1697
Fraser, Jac Traitte des ceremonies supertitieuses des Juifs tant anciens que modernes. Spinoza, Benedictuse de Amsterdam 1678
Fraser, Jac Dissertationes posthumae sacrae et ecclesiasticae, quarum quaedam Gallica lingua. Marca, de, Piere Amsterdam 1669
Fraser, Jac An answer to Mr. Cressy's Epistle apologetical to a person of honour touching his vindication of Dr. Stillingfleet. Stillingfleet, Edward London 1675
Fraser, Jac The judgement of the late Arch-Bishop of Armagh ... 1, of the extent of Christs death and satisfaction ... 2,... Ussher, James London 1657
Fraser, Jac Dissertations sur diverses matieres de religion et de philologie, contenues en plusieurs lettres ecrites par des personnes savantes de ce... Tilladet, de, Jean Paris 1712
Fraser, Jac Works. Hickeringill, Edmund London 1716
Fraser, Jac Critica sacra in two parts : the first containing observations on all the radices of primitive Hebrew words of the... Leigh, Edward London 1662
Fraser, Jac Aristarchus sacer, sive ad Nonni in Iohannem metaphrasin exercitationes ... Heinsius, Daniel Leiden 1627
Fraser, Jac Jacobi Lydii Syntagma sacrum de re militari : nec non De jure jurando dissertatio philologica. Duc, Isaac le Dordrecht 1698
Fraser, Jac Christianity not mysterious. Toland, John London 1696
Fraser, Jac Justi Lipsii de cruce libri tres cum notis. Bartholinus, Thomas Amsterdam 1670
Fraser, Jac Reflections on some assertions and opinions of Mr. Dodwell, contain'd in a book entituled An epistolary discourse proving that the... Whitby, Daniel London 1707
Fraser, Jac Apologia pro sanctissima virgine Maria ... adversus ... Antidicomarianitas, Collyridianos, et Christianocategoros. Rivet, Andre Leiden 1639
Fraser, Jac Precious faith considered in its nature, working and growth. Polhill, Edward London 1675
Fraser, Jac Elementaria traditio Christianorum fidei, aut Catechismus. Huic nunc appositus est Catechismus alius magis compendiarius, & Ecclesiasticarum precum formula. Berchet, Toussaint Hanau 1628
Fraser, Jac Confessio Fiadei in Conventu theologorum authoritate Parliamenti Anglicani indicto elaborata. Westminster Assembly Cambridge 1656
Fraser, Jac Apologia pro ecclesia Christiana hodierna non apostatica, opposita libello cui tit, ad legem et ad testimonium. Hoornbeeck, Johannes Amsterdam 1647
Fraser, Jac De veritate religionis christianae. Grotius, Hugo Amsterdam 1675
Fraser, Jac An address to the Jews by John Xeres : containing his reasons for leaving the Jewish and embracing the Christian... Xeres, John London 1710
Fraser, Jac Politica sacra & civilis. Lawson, George London 1689
Fraser, Jac Some observations upon the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the kings of England. Washington, Robert London 1689
Fraser, Jac Church-history of the government of bishops and their councils abbreviated : including the chief part of the government of Christian... Baxter, Richard London 1680
Fraser, Jac A treatise of episcopacy, confuting by Scripture reason and the churches testimony that sort of diocesan churches, prelacy, and government,... Baxter, Richard London 1681
Fraser, Jac The antipathie of the English lordly prelacie both to regall monarchy and civill unity. Prynne, William London 1641
Fraser, Jac Codex canonum ecclesiae Africanae. Justel, Christophe Paris 1614
Fraser, Jac A second admonition to Mr. Edward Bagshaw, written to call him to repentance for many false doctrines with a confutation... Baxter, Richard London 1671
Fraser, Jac La tyrannie des prejugez. Du Moulin, Lewis London 1678
Fraser, Jac Discours d'un bourgeois de Paris sur les pouvoirs de Cardinal Chigi. London 1665
Fraser, Jac La Liturgie, cest a dire le formulaire des prieres publiques de l'administration des sacremens et des autres ceremonies ... selon... Church of England London 1702
Fraser, Jac Commentaria de Germania sacra restaurata sub summis PP. Gregorio XV & S.D.N. Urbano VIII, regnante Ferdinando Secundo. Carafa, Carlo Cologne 1639
Fraser, Jac An historical preface to primitive Christianity reviv'd. Whiston, William London 1711
Fraser, Jac Lettres et mémoires de François de Vargas, de Pierre de Malvenda, et de quelques évêques d'Espagne touchant le Concile de... Vargas Mejía, Francisco Amsterdam 1692
Fraser, Jac The history of the Church of Malabar from the tine of its being first discover'd by the Portuguezes in the... Geddes, Michael London 1694
Fraser, Jac The church-history of Ethiopia. Geddes, Michael London 1696
Fraser, Jac Factum pour les religieuses de Sainte Catherine les-Provins contre les peres cordeliers. Varet, Alexandre-Louis 1668
Fraser, Jac Factum pour les religieueses de Sainte Catherine les Provins. Varet, Alexandre-Louis 1668
Fraser, Jac Le mercure Jesuite. Godefroy, Jacques Geneva 1630-31
Fraser, Jac The history of the Bohemian persecution from 894 to 1632. Comenius, Johann Amos London 1650
Fraser, Jac De S.S. martyrum cruciatibus liber. Gallonio, Antonio Antwerp 1668
Fraser, Jac Le miroir de la cruelle, & horrible tyrannie espagnole perpetree au Pays Bas, par le tyran Duc de Albe, &... Cloppenburgh, Jean Everhardts Amsterdam 1620
Fraser, Jac Les plaintes des Protestans cruellement oppeimez dans le royaume de France. Claude, Jean Cologne 1686
Fraser, Jac Histoire de la persecution de deux saints évêques par les jésuites. Paris 1691
Fraser, Jac A twofold vindication of the late Arch-Bishop of Canterbury and of 'The author of The history of religion'. Howard, Robert, Sir London 1696
Fraser, Jac Les oeuvres de Saint Cyprien. Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage. Paris 1672
Fraser, Jac Sulpicii Severi quae exstant opera omnia in duos tomos distributa. Severus, Sulpicius. Leipzig 1709
Fraser, Jac Tou en hagiois Patroc hemon Theophulactou archiepiskopou Boulgarias Paidera Basilike. S. Patris nostri Theophylacti archiepiscopi Bulgariae Institutio regia. Theophylactus, Ochrida Paris 1651
Fraser, Jac Pensees ingenieuses des peres de l'Eglise. Bonhours, Dominique Paris 1700
Fraser, Jac A treatise concerning the right use of the Fathers in the decision of the controversies that are at this day... Daille, Jean London 1651
Fraser, Jac Monumens authentiques de la religion des Grecs et de la faussete de plusieurs confessions de foi des Chretiens orientaux, produits. Aymon, Jean Hague 1708
Fraser, Jac Reponse au livre de monsieur l'evesque de Condom, qui a pour tiltre Exposition de la doctrine de l'Eglise catholique sur... La Bastide, Marc-Antoine de 1672
Fraser, Jac Histoire orientale, des grans progres de l'Eglise Cathol. Apost. & Rom. Gouveia, Antonio de 1609
Fraser, Jac B. Platinae opus de vitis ac gestis summorum Pontificum ad Sixtum IV deductum. Platina 1664
Fraser, Jac An account of the growth of popery and arbitrary government in England. Marvell, Andrew Amsterdam 1677
Fraser, Jac Bishop Bramhall's vindication of himself and the Episcopal clergy from the Presbyterian charge of popery, as it is managed by... Bramhall, John London 1672
Fraser, Jac Vindiciae Gallicae adversus Alexandrum Patricium Armacanum theologum. Prezac, Daniel de Paris 1638
Fraser, Jac Patronus bonae fidei in causa Puritanorum contra hierarchicos Anglos, ut disceptatur in specimine confutationis Johannis Durelli, cujus periculum fit, cum... Du Moulin, Lewis London 1672
Fraser, Jac Acta conventus Thoruniensis celebrati anno 1645 ... pro ineunda ratione componendou dissidiorum in religione, per regnum Poloniae. Thorn. Convention. Warsaw 1640
Fraser, Jac Stephani Curcellaei diatriba de eau sanguinis inter Christianos, ubi inserta est digressio de Sabbato. Courcelles, Etienne de Amsterdam 1659
Fraser, Jac Mr. James Pierce's remarks on Dr. Wells's letters to Mr. Peter Dowley, and to a dissenting parishioner, with his several... Pierce, James London 1711
Fraser, Jac Considerations politiques sur les coups d'estat. Naude, Gabriel 1667
Fraser, Jac Plato redivivus. Neville, Henry London 1681
Fraser, Jac The true interest and political maxims of the Republick of Holland and West-Friesland. Court, Pieter de la London 1702
Fraser, Jac Respublica sive status regni Poloniae, Lituaniae, Prussiae, Livoniae etc... diversorum autorum. Kromer, Marcin Leiden 1627
Fraser, Jac Traite du pouvoir absolu des souverains, pour servir d'instruction, de consolation et d'apologie aux eglises reformees de France qui sont... Merlat, Elie Cologne 1685
Fraser, Jac Lex, rex. Rutherford, Samuel London 1644
Fraser, Jac The laws of Jamaica passed by the Assembly and confirmed by his majesty in Council, Feb. 23, 1683. London 1683
Fraser, Jac De veteri ritu nuptiarum & jure connubiorum. Brisson, Barnabe Amsterdam 1662
Fraser, Jac Memoires relating to the state of the Royal Navy of England. Pepys, Samuel London 1690
Fraser, Jac Pietas Romana etc Parisiensis. Woodhead, Abraham Oxford 1687
Fraser, Jac Nouveau traite de grand negoce de France pour la correspondence des marchands, emsemble les principales observations du jaugee de la... Moitoiret de Blainville, Antoine Rouen 1698
Fraser, Jac Dialogues ou les fables les plus curieuses de l'antiquite sont expliquees d'une maniere fort agreable. La Treille Paris 1670
Fraser, Jac Joannis Clerici ars critica in qua ad studia linguarum Latinae, Graecae et Hebraicae via munitur. Le Clerc, Jean Amsterdam 1700
Fraser, Jac Les origines de la langue francoise. Menage, Gilles Paris 1650
Fraser, Jac Espeio general de la gramatica en dialogos. Salazar, Ambrosio de Rouen 1627
Fraser, Jac Les analogies de la langue latine, ou tous les mots de cette langue sont distribuez dans un ordre nouveau. L'Oeuvres, Jacques Paris 1698
Fraser, Jac Nouvelle methode pour apprendre facilement la langue latine. Lancelot, Claude Paris 1667
Fraser, Jac Observations physiques et mathematiques pour servir a l'histoire naturelle et a la perfection de l'astronomie et de la geographie. Gouye, Thomas Paris 1688
Fraser, Jac Observations sur la comete qui a paru au mois de decembre 1680, et en janvier 1681. Cassini, Giovanni Domenico Paris 1681
Fraser, Jac Traitez de l'equilibre des liqueurs et de la pesanteur de la masse de l'air, contenant l'explication des causes et divers... Pascal, Blaise Paris 1663
Fraser, Jac The anatomy of a pygmie compared with that of a monkey, an ape, and a man Tyson, Edward London 1699
Fraser, Jac Febrium malignarum historia et curatio, item dissertationes pathologicae de delirio in genera, de paraphrosyne. Menjot, Antoine Paris 1662
Fraser, Jac Mr. Worlidge's two treatises : the first, of improvement of husbandry ... the second, a treatise of cyder and of... Worlidge, John London 1694
Fraser, Jac The city and countrey purchaser, and builder's dictionary. Neve, Richard London 1703
Fraser, Jac Cabinet des singularitez d'architecture, peinture, sculpture et graveure. Le Comte, Florent Brussels 1702
Fraser, Jac Histoire critique de la republique des lettres, tant ancienne que moderne. Masson, Pierre Utrecht 1712-15
Fraser, Jac Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons. Waller, Edmund London 1694
Fraser, Jac Eikonoklastis, in answer to a book intitl'd, Eikon Basilike, the portracture of his Sacred Majesty in his solitudes and sufferings. Milton, John London 1649
Fraser, Jac An account of the English dramatick poets. Langbaine, Gerard Oxford 1691
Fraser, Jac Logopandecteision, or an introduction to the universal language. Urquhart, Thomas London 1653
Fraser, Jac Memoires de Mr. L.C.D.R. contenant ce qui s'est passe de plus particulier sous le ministere du Cardinal de Richelieu et... Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien Hague 1689
Fraser, Jac Histoire de lorigine de la royaute, et du premier establissement de la grandeur royale. Pelisseri Paris 1684
Fraser, Jac Lettres de monsieur Arnauld d'Andilly. d'Andilly, Arnauld Paris 1676
Fraser, Jac Des satyres personnelles traite historique et critique de celles qui portent le titre d'Anti. Baillet, Adrien Paris 1689
Fraser, Jac The first book of the works of Mr. Francis Rabelais, doctor in physick : containing five books of the lives,... Rabelais, Francois London 1653
Fraser, Jac Satyre Menippee de la vertu du catholicon d'Espagne et de la tenue des Estats de Paris. Le Roy, Jean Regensburg 1664
Fraser, Jac Les provinciales, ou les lettres escrites par Louis de Montalte a un provincial de ses amis et aux RR. PP.... Pascal, Blaise Cologne 1659
Fraser, Jac Les Fleurs morales et epigrammatiques tant des anciens que des nouveause autheurs. Guyot, Thomas Paris 1669
Fraser, Jac Menagiana, ou, Bons mots, recontres agreables, pensees judicieuses, et observations curieuses, de M. Menage. Menage, Gilles Amsterdam 1693
Fraser, Jac Scaligerana ou Bons mots, rencontres agreables, et remarques judicieuses & scavantes de J. Scaliger. Scaliger, Joseph Juste Cologne 1695
Fraser, Jac L'homme de cour traduit de l'espagnol de Baltasar Gracian. Gracian y Morales, Baltasar Paris 1684
Fraser, Jac Acvte dicta omnivm vetervm poetarvm latinorvm Opvs editvm ad vsvm serenissimi Dvcis Gvisii. Briet, Philippe Paris 1664
Fraser, Jac Traduction entiere de Petrone suivant le novveau manuscrit trouve a Bellegarde en 1688. Petronius Arbiter Cologne 1698
Fraser, Jac Tibire : discours politiques sur Tacite. Amelot de La Houssaie Paris 1685
Fraser, Jac Francisci Vavassoris De epigrammate liber et Epigrammatum libri tres. Vavasseur, Francois Paris 1669
Fraser, Jac Rerum Romanarum epitome. Florus, Lucius Annaeus Paris 1674
Fraser, Jac Valesiana, ou, Les pensées critiques, historiques et morales, et les poésies latines. Valois, Adrien Paris 1695
Fraser, Jac Delitiae poetarvm scotorvm hujus aevi illvstrivm. Johnstoun, Arthur Amsterdam 1637
Fraser, Jac Georgii Buchanani Scoti ad viros sui seculi clarissimos, eorumque ad eundem, Epistolae. Buchanan, George London 1711
Fraser, Jac Discours sur la castrametation et discipline militaire des Romains. Du Choul, Guillaume Wesel 1672
Fraser, Jac C. Julius Caesar nomismaticus, sive Dissertatio historica. Fabricius, J. Seobald London 1678
Fraser, Jac Comedies grecques d'Aristophane. Aristophanes Paris 1692
Fraser, Jac Apollonii Rhodii Argonauticorum libri IV. Apollonius, Rhodius Leiden 1641
Fraser, Jac Libanii Basilikos sev Panegyricvs Constanti et Constantio impp. dictvs. Specvlvm imperatoriae Majestatis & regiarum virtutum omnium, oratorio & historico lepore... Libanius Paris 1614
Fraser, Jac L'introdvtion av traite de la conformite des merveilles anciennes avec les modernes, ov, Traite preparatif a l'Apologie pour Herodote. Estienne, Henri 1607
Fraser, Jac Histoire d'Herodien. Herodian Paris 1700
Fraser, Jac Graecorum respublicae / ab Ubbone Emmio. Emmius, Ubbo Leiden 1632
Fraser, Jac De sestertiis, seu, Subsecivorum pecuniae veteris Graecae & Romanae libri IV. Gronovius, Joannis Fredericus Leiden 1691
Fraser, Jac The connexion : being choice collections of some principal matters in King James his reign : which may serve to... London 1681
Fraser, Jac Eikon basilike. : The pourtraicture of His Sacred Maiestie in his solitudes and sufferings. Gauden, John London 1648
Fraser, Jac An essay upon ways and means of supplying the war. Davenant, Charles London 1695
Fraser, Jac Recueil de diverses pieces servant a l'histoire de Henry III, Roy de France et de Pologne. Dupuy, Pierre Cologne 1666
Fraser, Jac Recueil de plusieurs pieces servans a l'histoire moderne dont les tiltres se trouvent en la page suivante. Montresor, Claudede Bourdeille Cologne 1663
Fraser, Jac The history of the reign of Lewis XIII, King of France and Navarre . Le Vassor, Michel London 1700
Fraser, Jac Histoire des negotiations de Nimegue. Limojon de St. Didier, A. T. Paris 1680
Fraser, Jac Relation de l'expedition de Carthagene, faite par les Francois en M.DC.XCVII. Pointis, Jean Bernard Louis. Amsterdam 1698
Fraser, Jac Histoire secrete de Bourgogne. Caumont de la Force, Charlotte Rose Hague 1694
Fraser, Jac Memoires de la cour d'Espagne. d'Aulnoy, Marie-Catherine Hague 1691
Fraser, Jac Conjuration des Espagnols contre la republique de Venise en l'annee M. DC. XVIII. Saint-Real Paris 1674
Fraser, Jac The history of the troubles of Suethland and Poland which occasioned the expulsion of Sigismundus the Third, king of those... Fowler, J. London 1656
Fraser, Jac Belgicarum historiarum epitome, qua initium, progressus et exitus motuum atque discordiarum lucide demonstrantur, ab anno 1566 ad 1648. Sande, Johan van den Utrecht 1652
Fraser, Jac The History of the late revolution of the Empire of the Great Mogol. Bernier, Francois London 1672-76
Fraser, Jac Histoire des avanturiers qui se sont signalez dans les Indes contenant ce qu'ils ont fait de plus remarquable depuis vingt... Exquemelin, Alexandre Olivier Paris 1688
Fraser, Jac Relation du voyage de Perse et des Indes Orientales Traduite de l'anglois de Thomas Herbert. Avec les revolutions arrivees au... Herbert, Thomas Paris 1663
Fraser, Jac Miroir oost & west-indical, auquel sont descriptes les deux dernieres navigations, faictes es annees 1614. 1615. 1616. 1617. & 1618. Spilbergen, Joris van Amsterdam 1621
Fraser, Jac A late voyage to St. Kilda : the remotest of all the Hebrides, or western isles of Scotland. Martin, Martin London 1698
Fraser, Jac Histoire naturelle et morale des iles Antilles de l'Amerique. Rochefort, Cesar de Rotterdam 1665
Fraser, Jac Journal d'un voyage fait aux Indes orientales. Challe, Robert Rouen 1721
Fraser, Jac Regiae Societatis utriusque socii Geta Britannicus : accedit domus Severianae synopsis chronologica, et de icuncula quondam M. Regis Aelfredi dissertatio. Musgrave, William Exeter 1715
Fraser, Jac Les Eloges des hommes savans. Thou, Jacques Auguste de Geneva 1683
Fraser, Jac La Devise du Roy justifiee. Menestrier, Claude Francois Paris 1679
Fraser, Jac El Testamento Nuevo de nuestro Senor Iesu Christo. London 1596
Fraser, Jac De iusta reipublicae Christianae in reges impios et haereticos authoritate : iustissimaque Catholicorum ad Henricum Navarraeum & quemcumque haereticum a... Rainolds, William Antwerp 1592
Fraser, Jac Bertrami Presbi. de corpore et sanguine Domini liber. Ratramnus, Monachus Corbiensis 1579
Fraser, Jac De pace inter evangelicos procuranda sententiae quatuor : quarum tres a reverendis dominis episcopis Tho. Dunelmensi, Io. Sarisburiensi, Ios. Exoniensi. Morton, Thomas London 1638
Fraser, Jac Histoire ecclesiastique des eglises reformees au royaume de France depuis l'an M.D. XXI. iusques en l'annee M.D.LXIII en trois tomes. Beze, T de. 1580
Fraser, Jac The first book. The discovery of a new world. Or, A discourse tending to prove, that 'tis probable there may... Wilkins, John London 1640
Fraser, Jac A rich cabinet, with variety of inventions, unlock'd and open'd : for the recreation of ingenious spirits at their vacant... White, John London 1668
Fraser, Jac I Dieci libri de l'architettura. Alberti, Leon Battista Florence 1546
Fraser, Jac Prose Italian. Bembo, Pietro Florence 1561
Fraser, Jac In omnia P. Ovidii nasonis opera observationes. Ciofani, Ercole Antwerp 1581-83
Fraser, Jac Letters Latin. Cicero, Marcus Tullius Venice 1513
Fraser, Jac Orations Latin. Cicero, Marcus Tullius Venice 1559
Fraser, Jac Exactissimi commentarii super omnibus praeceptis, et documentis divi Catonis ... tomus septimus. Verratus, Joannes Maria Bologna 1561
Fraser, Jac Marcelli Palingenii Stellati ... Zodiacus vitae, hoc est de hominis vita, studio ac moribus optime instituendis libri XII. Manzolli, Pietro Angelo London 1639
Fraser, Jac Callimachi Cyrenaei hymni (cum suis scholiis Graecis) & epigrammata. Callimachus Geneva 1577
Fraser, Jac The epistle of Gildas. Abingdon, Thomas London 1638
Fraser, Jac Le cabinet du roy de France, dans lequel il y a trovs perles precieuses par le moyen des quelles sa... Arnaud, Nicolas 1638
Fraser, Jac Memoires de l'estat de France sous Charles neufiesme. Goulart, Simon 1577
Fraser, Jac Ad regem e Scotia reducem Henrici Wottonij plausus et vota. Wotton, Henry London 1633
Fraser, Jac Les Caracteres de Theophraste. Bruyere, Jean de la Paris 1692
Fraser, Jac Biblia sacrosancta Veteris ac Novi Testamenti iuxta vulgatam editionem. Clarius, Isodorus Venice 1557
Fraser, Jac An apologie or declaration of the power and providence of God in the government of the world. Hakewill, George Oxford 1635
Fraser, Jac Minshaei emendatio, vel a mendis expurgatio, seu augmentatio sui Ductoris in linguas. Minsheu, John London 1627
Fraser, Jac Mikrokosmographia. A description of the body of man. Together with the controversies thereto belonging. Crooke, Helkiah London 1631
Fraser, Jac Brabantia illustrata, sive Castella & praetoria nobilium Brabantiae, coenobiaque celebriora ad vivum delineata. London 17??
Fraser, Jac Antiquitatum variarum volumina XVII, ... hac serie declarata. Annius, Joannes Paris 1515
Fraser, Jac Pausaniae veteris Graeciae descriptio. Romulus Amasaeus vertit. Amaseo, Romolo Quirino Florence 1551
Fraser, Jac The living librarie, or Meditations and observations historical, natural, moral, political, and poetical. Camerarius, Philipp London 1625
Fraser, Jac Historica Bohemica. Dubravius, Jan Hanover 1602
Fraser, Jac Admiranda narratio ... de commodis et incolarum ritibus Virginiae. Harriot, Thomas Frankfurt am Main 1590
Fraser, Jac Historia de la vida y hechos del Emperador Carlos V. maximo, fortissimo, Rey Catholico de España, y de las Indias,... Sandoval, Prudencio de Barcelona 1606-25
Fraser, Jac Laudatio funebris ... Mariae II, Magnae Britanniae, Franciae et Hiberniae Reginae. Spanheim, Friedrich Leiden 1695
Fraser, Jac A new historical relation of the kingdom of Siam. La Loubere, Simon de London 1693
Fraser, Jac Pietas universitatis oxoniensis in obitum augustissimi & desideratissimi regis Caroli Secundi. University of Oxford Oxford 1685
Fraser, Jac An essay towards a real character, and a philosophical language. Wilkins, John London 1668
Fraser, Jac A new and easy method of book-keeping, or Instructions for a methodical keeping of merchants accompts, by way of debitor... Brodie, Alexander London 1722
Fraser, Jac M.T. Ciceronis opera quae extant omnia. Cicero, Marcus Tullius London 1681
Fraser, Jac Raphaelis Volaterrani, commentariorvm vrbanorvm libri octo et triginta, accvratius quàm antehac excusi. Cum variis locorum, virorum, plantarum, indicibus recognitis. Item... Maffei, Raffaele Frankfurt 1603
Fraser, Jac Hugonis Brotii...Epistolae quotquot reperiri potuerunt : in quibus praeter hactenus editas, plurimae theologici, juridici, philologici, historici, & politici argumenti occurrunt. Grotius, Hugo Amsterdam 1687
Fraser, Jac Commentaires historiqves : contenants en abrege les vies, eloges et censvres des emperevurs, imperatrices, caesars et tyrans de l'Empire Romain,... Saint Amant, Jean Tristan de Paris 1635
Fraser, Jac Novus thesaurus antiquitatum romanarum. Sallengre, Albert Henri de Hague 1716
Fraser, Jac Istoria de poeti Greci e di que' che'n Greca lingua han poetato. Crasso, Lorenzo 1678
Fraser, Jac The two first books, of Philostratus, concerning the life of Apollonius Tyaneus, written originally in Greek, and now published in... Philostratus London 1680
Fraser, Jac Thesaurus Brandenburgicus selectus, sive, Gemmarum, et numismatum Graecorum, in cimeliarcho Electorali Brandenburgico, elegantiorum series. Beger, Lorenz 1696
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Fraser, James Luthers fore-runners: or, A cloud of witnesses, deposing for the Protestant faith. Gathered together in the historie of the... Perrin, Jean Paul London 1624
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Fraser, James A peaceable and temperate plea for Pauls Presbyterie in Scotland Rutherford, Samuel London 1642
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Fraser, James Pleas of the crown: or, a methodical summary of the principal matters relating to that subject Hale, Matthew London 1694
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Fraser, James A philippick oration to incite the English against the French but especially to prevent the treating of a peace with... Schinner, Mathaus cardinal London 1707
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Fraser, James An essay proving we shall know our friends in Heaven Philaret London 1698
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