Fordyce, David

Biography: University teacher and writer on university. Born Broadford, Aberdeen 1711. Second son of George Fordyce, provost of Aberdeen. Aberdeen Grammar School 1720, Marischal Coll. 1724. Graduated M.A Marischal Coll. 1728, B.D. 1733. Licensed to preach but not called to a ministry. Joining academic debtates in Glasgow 1735. Had to take charge of family business 1736. Travelled in England 1737-8. Short ministry at Newport 1739, private chaplain of John Hopkins of Brettons 1739, helping minister at Tron Kirk, Edinburgh by 1741. Professor of Moral Philosophy and Regent at Marischal Coll. 1742. Published first work Dialogues Concerning Education 1745, Elements of Moral Philsophy 1748, Theodorus: a Dialogue Concerning the Art of Preaching posthumously 1752. Grand tour of Europe 1750. Drowned off the coast of Holland on return home Sept 1751.

Biography Date: 1711-1751

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB; Fasti 45, 302;

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