Forbes, Sir John

Forbes, Sir John

Biography: Physician and medical journalist. Born Cuttlebrae, Banffshire 1787. Educated Aberdeen grammar school and Marischal Coll. 1803-05, though no record of his graduation. Diploma of College of Surgeons, Edinburgh 1806. Served in the Navy as temporary assistant surgeon, full surgeon 1809. Returned to Edinburgh 1816, M.D. Edin 1817. Moved to Cornwall Sept 1817. First honorary librarian of the Penzance Public Library 1818, secretary to the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall. Translated Laennec's De l'auscultation m├ędiate, 1821. Moved to Chichester 1822. Fellow of the Royal Society 1829. Founded the Chichester Literary and Philosophical Society 1831. Physician-in-ordinary to the Duke of Cambridge 1832. Moved to Westminster 1840. Court physician to Prince Albert and the royal household 1841. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians 1844. Honorary fellowship of the Imperial Society of Physicians in Vienna 1845. Retired from medical practice 1848. Treated Anne Bronte 1849. Promoted the establishment of Great Ormond St Hospital 1852. Honorary D.C.L, Oxford 1852. Knighted 1853. Moved to Oxfordshire 1859. Died Whitchurch, Oxfordhire 1861. Editor of med. Journals and author of many works. Donated his library of 3830 volumes to Marischal Coll., 1859.

Biography Date: 1787-1861

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes (Comrie, p770); CERL; DNB; Drummond 298; Wightman xviii.

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Forbes, Sir John The anatomical exercise of Dr William Harvey professor of physick, and Physician to the Kings Majesty, concerning the motion of... Harvey, W. London 1653
Forbes, Sir John Dissertatio medica inauguralis de febre remittente putrida paludum quae grassabatur in Bengalia, A.D. 1762. Lind, J. Edinburgh 1768
Forbes, Sir John Les oeuvres d'Ambroise Par Pare, Ambroise, 1510?-1590 Paris 1579
Forbes, Sir John Arnaldi Villanouani praxis medicinalis Arnaldus, de Villa Nova Lyon 1586
Forbes, Sir John Disputationum de medicina noua Philippi Paracelsi pars prima : in qua, quae de remediis superstitiosis & magicis curationibus ille prodidit,... Erastus, Thomas,1524-1583 Basel 1572
Forbes, Sir John Thomae Erasti disputationum & epistolarum medicinalium volumen doctissimum Erastus, Thomas,1524-1583 Zurich 1595
Forbes, Sir John Hieronymi Fracastorii opera omnia, i vnum collecta Fracastoro, Girolamo,1478-1553 Venice 1555
Forbes, Sir John (Collections Latin 1564) Hippocrates Lyon 1564
Forbes, Sir John Dominici Leoni ars medendi humanos, particularesque morbos a vertice vsque ad pedes Leonus, Dominicus Bologna 1583
Forbes, Sir John Medicina vniuersa Monte, Giovanni Battista da,1498-1551 Frankfurt am Main 1587
Forbes, Sir John Apologia commentarii olim aediti de parca evacuatione in grauium morborum principiis, a materia multa, & mala, non furiosa pendentium, facienda,... Panizza, Ludovicus Mantua 1556
Forbes, Sir John Ludovici Panizzae de minoratione facienda opusculum Panizza, Ludovicus Mantua 1556?
Forbes, Sir John De venae sectione in inflammationibus quibuscunque fluxione genitis, per sanguinis missionen curandis disputatio ac decisio Panizza, Ludovicus Venice 1544
Forbes, Sir John Alexandri T. Petronii de victu Romanoum et de sanitate tuenda libri quinque Petronius, Alexander T Rome 1581-82
Forbes, Sir John Balnearium restauratum in quo curantur morbi per balneas naturales, artificiales, insessus, lixiuia, Sudationes : itemque per scarificationes ac phlebotomias Ruland, Martin Basel 1579
Forbes, Sir John Quinti Sereni Sammonici de re medica siue morborum curationibus liber Serenus Sammonicus, Quintus Zurich 1540