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Fleming, John

Biography: Either: Surgeon and naturalist. May have studied medicine at Univ. of Edinburgh. Joined Indian Medical Service as assistant surgeon 1768, surgeon 1771. Member of the medical board 1786, president 1800. Interested in natural history. Took over Royal Botanic Garden, Calcutta briefly 1793, 1805-7. M.D. King's Coll., 1804. Wrote the first published survey of Indian drugs. Retired, Fellow of the Royal Society 1813. Fellow of the Linnean Society 1816. MP for Gatton 1818. Died London 1829. or: Naturalist, geologist, zoologist and Free Church of Scotland minister. Born Kirkroods, Linlithgowshire 1785. Studied for the ministry Univ. Of Edinburgh, but interested in geology and zoology, left 1805. Appointed to parish of Bressay, Shetland 1806, while there published work on the mineralogy of the island. Founder of the Wernian Society, Edinburgh 1808. Translated to Flisk, Fife 1810. Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 1814. D.D. St Andrews 1814. Regarded as the premier zoologist in Scotland by 1815. Appointed to the parish of Clackmannan 1832. Chair of natural philosophy and regent at King's Coll., Aberdeen, 1834. Joined the Free Church of Scotland and resigned from his chair 1843, regent til 1845. Chair of natural history at the Free Church college, Edinburgh 1845. Died Edinburgh 1857.

Biography Date: Either: 1747-1829 or: 1785-1857

Biography References: Either: DNB; Fasti 147 or: LOC; CERL; DNB; Fasti 66.

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