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Fitz-william, John

Biography: Church of England clergyman. Born London. Entered Magdalen Coll., Oxford 1651, matriculated as servitor 1652, graduated B.A and made a demy (form of scholarship at Magdalen Coll.) 1656, M.A. 1658. Fellowship at Magdalen 1661, College Librarian and lecturer in music 1662. Chaplain and tutor in the household of Thomas Wriothesley 1664. Chaplain to James, Duke of York and tutor to his daughter 1666. Living of Brighstone, Isle of Wight 1669, rectory of Cottenham, near Cambridge c.1670. Proceeded D.D 1677. Canonry in the Chapel Royal Mar 1688 (short-lived due to revolution of 1688). Treatise on the allegiance debate 1690. Successors to Windsor and Cottenham appointed 1691. Occupied with writing, principal work a treatise on providence, 1691-99. Died 1699. Donated the bulk of his collection of books to Magdalen Coll.

Biography Date: d.1699

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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