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Ferrerio, Giovanni

Signature of Johannes Ferrerius

Biography: Also Ferrari, Ferrerius, Pedemontanus. Philosopher, writer, poet and historian. Born Riva di Chieri, near Turin, 1502. University of Paris 1525. Accompanied Robert Reid to Scotland 1528, spent 3 yrs at court of James V? Moved to Kinloss Abbey for private study and to tutor the monks 1528/31 (?). Returned to Italy 1537. Lived in Paris 1538-40/1. While there contributed prefaces to books and wrote some of his own. Returned to Kinloss 1540/1. Returned to Paris 1545. Guardian of the sons of Cardinal Beaton by 1553. Wrote accounts of the abbots of Kinloss. Also produced an extended edition of Boece's Scotorum Historia. Bought books in Edinburgh. Recieved a pension from Kinloss til 1574. Died Paris, 1579.

Biography Date: 1502-1579

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes (See Bibliog. Aberd., I 39; Ferrerius, J. Historia Abbatum de Kinloss. Edinb., 1839. Pp. Vi-vii.); LOC; CERL; DNB; ESL 96; Drummond 298;

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