Farmer, Richard

Biography: Born Leicester 1735. Educated grammar school, Leicester. Admitted Emmanuel Coll., Cambridge 1753, graduated B.A. 1757, M.A. 1760. Ordained Ely 1761, B.D. 1767. Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries 1763. Published work on Shakespeare 1767. Helped other Shakespearean scholars of the time. Preacher at the Royal Chapel, Whitehall 1769. Other ecclesiastical preferments followed, highest being the prebend of Consompta-per-Mare at St Paul's Cathedral. Said to have refused a bishopric twice. Master of Emmanuel Coll., Camb. 1775, also D.D. and vice-chancellor of the university 1775. Elected Principal Librarian of Cambridge 1778. Fellow of the Royal Society 1791. Died Emmanuel Coll. 1797. In 1765 he had already formed an extensive library. He was said to love three things above all others, viz. Old port, old clothes, and old books. His library, which was particularly rich in scarce tracts and old English literature, was sold in London in 1798. The catalogue extends to 379 pp and the books number 8155. The library is supposed to have cost him less than

Biography Date: 1735-97

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes (DNB); CERL; DNB;

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