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Dun, Patrick

Signature of Patrick Dun

Biography: Son of Andrew Dun, burgess of Abd. Probably attended Marischal Coll. or King's Coll. By 1603 studied medicine under Liddel at Helmstedt. M.D. Basel 1607. Regent and prof of logic 1610, rector 1619, principal 1621-49 of Marischal Coll. Also mediciner, 1619-32 at King's Coll. Dean of Medicine King's Coll. 1834. Benefactor of Grammar School and Marischal Coll. Acted as custodian of the Liddell and Reid collections til 1632. Died 1652. Books bequeathed to Marischal College by his nephew, Robert Dun, 1657.

Biography Date: bap. 1581-1652

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes (See Comrie, 379(part), 380, also Morland Simpson, Bon Record, passim); LOC; DNB; King's Fasti 35; Marischal Fasti 10, 11, 32, 74; Drummond 298;

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