Drummond, William, of Hawthornden

Drummond, William, of Hawthornden

Biography: Poet and pamphleteer. Born at Hawthornden Castle, 1585. Educated at the high school of Edinburgh then Univ. Of Edinburgh, M.A. 1605. Went to Paris 1606. Studied law in Bourges 1607. Returned to Scotland Nov 1608, nearly dying when his ship collided with another. Took with him 399 volumes, the basis of his private library. Became laird of Hawthornden Aug 1610, abandoned law and returned to the estate. Published poems 1616. Became known as a poet in London c.1617. Ill with pleurisy 1620. Made burgess of Haddington 1622. Published Flowres of Sion 1623. Burgess of Edinburgh 1626, of Linlithgow 1633. Died at Hawthornden 1649. History of Scotland published posthumously by his son.

Biography Date: 1585-1649

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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