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Melfort, John Drummond, Earl of

Biography: Earl of Melfort. Politician. Educated St Andrews Univ., academy in Angers. Captain Scottish Foot Guards 1673, deputy governor Edinburgh Castle 1679, lieutenant-general and master of the ordnance 1680, treasurer-depute 1682. Sent to Whitehall 1683 as part of a secret committee of the Scottish privy council to persuade them Lord Chancellor Aberdeen should be dismissed. Secretary for Scotland 1684, his brother was Lord Chancellor and between them established almost complete control over the govt of Scotland. Viscount of Melfort 1685, earl of Melfort 1686. Converted to Catholicism 1685 - could have been political but seemed sincere. Lived at Whitehall 1684-8. Order of the Thistle 1687. Secretary of State to James II 1688. Made Baron Cleworth 1689. Sent to France Oct 1689, Rome Dec 1689. Outlawed Feb 1690 (due to invasion of William of Orange 1688 and the revolution). Returned to France Nov 1691. Made Knight of the Garter, duke of Melfort, marquess of Forth 1692. Resigned as Secretary of State June 1694. Lived in Orleans 1694-5, Rouen 1696-Oct 1697, Paris Oct 1697. Gentleman of the bedchamber 1697. Letter intended for his brother misdelivered to Whitehall 1701, caused James II to have a stroke and Drummond was exiled to Angers til 1705. Died Paris 1714 after a long illness.

Biography Date: 1649-1715

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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