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Donne, John

Biography: Poet and CoE clergyman. Originally Catholic but converted to CoE. Matriculated Oxford 1584 (aged 12), possibly travelled abroad late 1580s. Admitted Lincoln's Inn 1592-4. Soldier in the Earl of Essex's expedition against Spain 1596-7. Appointed secretary to the Keeper of the Great Seal 1597. Had converted to CoE by 1601. MP for Brackley 1601. Lost his job and imprisoned 1602 for his clandestine marriage to Ann More but released when it was proved valid. Her father refused financial support, therefore dependent on help from friends etc. Travelling abroad 1605-6. Applying for public employment 1607-11. Published Pseudo-Martyr 1610. Honorary M.A. Oxford 1610. Travelling 1611-12. MP for Taunton 1614. Ordained deacon and priest 1615 (because he still could not find any secular employment). Honorary D.D. Cambridge 1615. Reader in divinity Lincoln's Inn 1616. Travelling in Germany 1619-20. Dean of St Paul's 1621. Often preached at court.

Biography Date: 1572-1632

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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