Craven, James Brown

Biography: Rector of St Olaf's Church, Kirkwall. Incumbent of Kirkwall 1875-1814. Archdeacon of Orkney, c1855-c1920.

From Provenance Catalogue: Curate of St Andrew's, Aberdeen, 1875-6, Craven was rector of St Olaf's, Kirkwall, from 1876 onwards. He wrote works of antiquarian interest as well as on religious themes. In 1908 he received an honorary D.D. from Aberdeen University and in 1912 he became archdeacon. He bought the Kirkwall Bibliothek in 1891 and presented it to Aberdeen University Library in 1914.

Biography Date: fl.1855-1920

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes; LOC; Crockford's Clerical Dictionary, 1912.

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