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Cole, John

Biography: Bookseller and antiquary. Born 1792, Northamptonshire, apprenticed to a bookseller in Northampton. Compiled a history of Northampton 1809, published 1815, also wrote a history of Ecton published 1825. Purchased the stock and goodwill of a bookseller in Northampton 1817. Moved to Scarborough 1821, opened a bookshop and circulating library. Published over 100 small books. Won a share of a lottery prize 1825, travelled to London to receive it. Edited a cookery book 1828. Returned to Northampton c.1832, opened a bookshop which failed. Moved to Wellborough 1834, opened a small school. Schoolmaster Rushden 1837, Polebrook 1840, Huntingdon 1842, Woodford 1845. D.1848.

Biography Date: 1792-1848

Biography References: LOC; DNB;

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