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Charles I

Cover: D. Magni Ausonii ... opera, tertiae fere partis complemento auctiora, & diligentiore quam hactenus, censura recognita

Biography: Born in Dunfermline Castle 19 Nov 1600, baptised at Holyroodhouse 23 Dec 1600. Created Duke of Albany at his baptism, created Duke of York 1605. Became duke of Cornwall and duke of Rothesay on his brother Henry's death. Created Prince of Wales 1616. Made a member of the Privy Council and the naval commission 1617. Succeeded to the throne 27 March 1625. Married Henrietta Maria of France by proxy 1 May 1625. Crowned in Scotland 18 June 1633. Left Whitehall after troubles and tension with Scotland and Ireland, and between the houses of parliament, went to Windsor 1642. Travelled around the north. Raised his standard and made war 22 August 1642. Civil war 1641-6. Surrendered at Newark 1646. Escaped Nov 1647 but an accomplice betrayed him and kept him captive on the Isle of Wight. Option to abdicate in favour of his son or face the threat of death. Returned to London 19 Jan 1649. Executed 30 Jan 1649.

Biography Date: 1600-1649

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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