Gunn, Neil M.


Neil Miller Gunn was born on 8th November 1891 in Dunbeath, a village on the coast of Caithness. He was an important Scottish literary novelist in the 1920s and 30s - arguably one of the most influential from the early 20th century alongside Lewis Grassic Gibbon. His library was purchased by Aberdeen University Library in October 1977, and was placed in the Chapman collection, alongside other literature from the 20th century.

Biography Date: 1891-1973

Book List

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Owner (other form of name) Book Title Author Publication Place Date
Gunn, Neil M. William Butler Yeats Poems: second series Yeats, William Butler London 1913
Gunn, Neil Under the crust Pick, J.B. London 1946
Gunn, Neil Twelve poems Reid, Alastair St Andrews 1949
Gunn, Neil Till 21 Henderson, Keith London 1970
Gunn, Neil Thunder in the air Conn, Stewart Preston 1967
Gunn, Neil M. The world his pillow Barke, James London 1933
Gunn, Neil M. The winter aisling David Morrison Wick 1971
Gunn, Neil M. The wild Macraes Barke, James London 1934
Gunn, Neil M. The weaver's loom Davidson, A. M. Flansham 1932
Gunn, Neil The Viscount of Blarney and other plays Clarke, Austin Dublin 1944
Gunn, Neil M. The turn of the day Angus, Marion Edinburgh 1931
Gunn, Neil M. The thirteenth disciple Gibbon, Lewis Grassic London 1931
Gunn, Neil M. The singin' lass Angus, Marion Edinburgh 1929
Gunn, Neil M. The secret life Granville-Barker, Harley London 1823
Gunn, Neil M. The Scottish war of independence Barron, Evan M. London 1914
Gunn, Neil M. The Scots kitchen: its traditions and lore with old-time recipes McNeil, F. Marian London 1929
Gunn, Neil M. The road home McNeil, F. Marian London 1932
Gunn, Neil M. The riding light Scot, Neil London 1926
Gunn, Neil M. The purple half-light Macbride, Anna and Macphee, John Stirling 1933
Gunn, Neil M. The press and the public Blake, George London 1930
Gunn, Neil The Ponnage Pool Cruickshank, Helen B. Edinburgh 1968
Gunn, Neil M. The player king Orr, Christine London 1931
Gunn, Neil The paying guest Blake, George London 1949
Gunn, Neil M. The passion-flower: poems and ballads Rivers, Gabriel Edinburgh 1935
Gunn, Neil M. The Northern lights and other poems Jacob, Violet London 1927
Gunn, Neil M. The Mornay conspiracy: a play in five acts Sinclair, George A. Paisley 1928
Gunn, Neil The labyrinth Henderson, Keith S.l. : s.n 197-
Gunn, Neil M. The historical Scottish Constitution MacNeill, Duncan Harald Edinburgh 1971
Gunn, Neil M. The gowk storm Morrison, N. Byrysson London 1933
Gunn, Neil M. The gleam on the road Reid, John Macnair Edinburgh 1928
Gunn, Neil The ghosts of the strath Drinan, Adam London 1943
Gunn, Neil The five voyages of Arnor Brown, George Mackay Duval 1966
Gunn, Neil The expectant silence Soutar, William London 1944
Gunn, Neil The exiled heart Lindsay, Maurice London 1957
Gunn, Neil M. The conquered Mitchison, Naomi London 1923
Gunn, Neil The collected poems of George Bruce Bruce, George Edinburgh 1970
Gunn, Neil M. The collected earlier poems of William Carlos Williams William Carlos Williams Norfolk, Connecticut 1951
Gunn, Neil The clay yerd David Morrison Reaster 1970
Gunn, Neil M. The clan of Lochlann and Silis: two Celtic plays Macarthur, Bessie J. B. Edinburgh 1928
Gunn, Neil M. The city Sanders, Ruth Manning London 1917
Gunn, Neil The Chinese tower Conn, Stewart Edinburgh 1967
Gunn, Neil The China run Paterson, Neil London 1948
Gunn, Neil The big windows O'Donnell, Peadar London 1955
Gunn, Neil The big house Naomi Mitchison London 1950
Gunn, Neil M. The bamboo grove Grave, Charles London 1925
Gunn, Neil M. The anatomist and other plays Birdie, James London 1931
Gunn, Neil Tesserae Hewitt, John Belfast 1967
Gunn, Neil Tale of old Raasay Macdiarmid, Agnes A. Glasgow 1957
Gunn, Neil M. Swiss family Manhattan Morley, Christopher London 1932
Gunn, Neil Surroundings MacCaig, Norman London 1966
Gunn, Neil Stoats in the sunlight Conn, Stewart London 1968
Gunn, Neil M. Scottish pageant Mackenzie, Agnes Muir Edinburgh 1946
Gunn, Neil M. Scotland Finlay, Ian London 1945
Gunn, Neil Rings on a tree MacCaig, Norman London 1968
Gunn, Neil M. Return to Jalna De la Roche, Mazo London 1950
Gunn, Neil M. Requiem Wolfe, Humbert London 1927
Gunn, Neil M. Prometheus and Epimetheus Spitteler, Carl London 1931
Gunn, Neil M. Poor Tom Muir, Edwin London 1932
Gunn, Neil M. Poet's pub Linklater, Eric London 1932
Gunn, Neil M. Poems in two tongues Mackie, Albert D. Edinburgh 1928
Gunn, Neil M. Piping George Gordon, Jan London 19--
Gunn, Neil Passwords Reid, Alastair Toronto 1959
Gunn, Neil M. Paris Reid, Alexander. London 1965
Gunn, Neil Out of the pit Pick, J.B. London 1951
Gunn, Neil Ode for St Andrew's night Lindsay, Maurice Edinburgh 1951
Gunn, Neil Oddments inklings omens moments poems Reid, Alastair London 1954
Gunn, Neil M. Notes for an anatomy of modern autobiography Hart, Francis Russell Virginia 1970
Gunn, Neil No crown for laughter Lindsay, Maurice London 1943
Gunn, Neil M. No castle in Spain McPhee, William London 1933
Gunn, Neil M. Mysticism throughout the ages Gall, Edward London 19--
Gunn, Neil Mr. Tibbs passes through Neumann, Robert New York 1943
Gunn, Neil M. Moods Ball, Arthur Wick 1938
Gunn, Neil Measures MacCaig, Norman London 1965
Gunn, Neil M. Mary Read Birdie, James and Gurney, Claud London 1935
Gunn, Neil M. Marriage is no joke Bridie, James London 1934
Gunn, Neil Landscapes and figures Bruce, George Preston 1967
Gunn, Neil M. Land of our fathers Macpherson, Ian London 1933
Gunn, Neil Kate Kennedy Bottomley, Gordon London 1945
Gunn, Neil M. Juan in America Linklater, Eric London 1931
Gunn, Neil M. John Mistletoe Morley, Christopher London 1931
Gunn, Neil M. In quiet fields Crawford, Robert Edinburgh 1929
Gunn, Neil M. Immortal memory Orr, Christine London 1933
Gunn, Neil Hurlygush Lindsay, Maurice Edinburgh 1948
Gunn, Neil M. How to learn Gaelic MacBain, Alexander Inverness 1902
Gunn, Neil M. Highland and Lowland: Scotland's debt to the Highlands Barron, Evan M. Inverness 1929?
Gunn, Neil M. Hatter's castle Cronin, A. J. London 1931
Gunn, Neil M. Grey granite Gibbon, Lewis Grassic London 1934
Gunn, Neil M. Green corn: an anthology of Caithness writings Thomson, Ronald Edinburgh 1970
Gunn, Neil M. Grand Canary Cronin, A. J. London 1933
Gunn, Neil M. Fishing boats and fisher folk on the East coast of Scotland Anson, Peter F. London 1930
Gunn, Neil M. Fantasia written in an industrial town Jeffrey, Wiliam London 1933
Gunn, Neil M. Eden river Bullet, Gerald London 1934
Gunn, Neil M. Duino elegies Rilke, Rainer Maria London 1939
Gunn, Neil M. Day's end Simpson, Margaret Winefride Paisley 1929
Gunn, Neil M. Crooked laburnum Mackenzie, Orgill London 1932
Gunn, Neil Crookback's crown Bottomley, Gordon S.l. : s.n 1946?
Gunn, Neil M. Colonel Wotherspoon Bridie, James London 1935
Gunn, Neil Collected poems Cruickshank, Helen B. Edinburgh 1971
Gunn, Neil M. Collected poems Gwynn, Stephen Great Britain 1923
Gunn, Neil M. Collected poems Macfie, Ronald Campbell London 1929
Gunn, Neil Clyde Waters Lindsay, Maurice London 1958
Gunn, Neil M. Chambers of imagery Bottomley, Gordon London 1912
Gunn, Neil M. Capstan Bars Bone, David W. Edinburgh 1933
Gunn, Neil M. Bridge Head Mayne, Rutherford London 1939
Gunn, Neil At the wood's edge Lindsay, Maurice Edinburgh 1950
Gunn, Neil M. Arrows Gray, Alexander Edinburgh 1932
Gunn, Neil M. archy's life of mehitabel Marquis, Don London 1934
Gunn, Neil And Delilah Paterson, Neil London 1951
Gunn, Neil M. After strange gods Eliot, T. S. London 1934
Gunn, Neil A spell for old bones Linklater, Eric London 1949
Gunn, Neil M. A sleeping clergyman Bridie, James New York 1934
Gunn, Neil A Scots Hairst Gibbon, Lewis Grassic London 1967
Gunn, Neil A round of applause MacCaig, Norman London 1962
Gunn, Neil M. A portrait of the artist as a young man Joyce, James London 1924
Gunn, Neil M. A pass in the Grampians Shepherd, Nan London 1933
Gunn, Neil M. A new song to the Lord Allan, John R. Edinburgh 1931
Gunn, Neil M. A Lan'wart Loon: a poem in Scots Horne, J. G. Edinburgh 1928
Gunn, Neil M. A handful of earth Soutar, William Edinburgh 1936
Gunn, Neil A flemish scene Ball, Arthur Oxford 1941
Gunn, Neil A common grace MacCaig, Norman London 1960