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Baker, Thomas.


 Mathematician. Son of James Baker of Ilton, Somerset, steward to the Strangeways family, was baptized there on 21 December 1623. He matriculated at Magdalen Hall, Oxford, in 1640, became a scholar at Wadham College in 1645, and graduated BA in 1647. According to Wood, Baker, though educated on puritanical lines, performed some small service for the royalist garrison at Oxford, through which he became in 1660 minister, and in 1681 vicar, of Bishop's Nympton, in Devon.

Outside his curatorial and family duties, Baker occupied himself with mathematical studies. His Geometrical Key, or, Gate of Equations Unlocked came to the notice of the Royal Society who in 1682 discussed and approved its publication, but dallied, until Robert Clavell FRS and publisher, saw it into print in 1684. Baker was elected to the Royal Society in November 1684, but was never admitted in person. His son James and daughter Joane inherited at his death in May 1689. He was buried at Bishop's Nympton on 22 May.

Biography Date: 1623 - 1689

Biography References: ESL: 142. Edgeworth, F. Baker, Thomas, rev. McConnell, A. Oxford. 2004.

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