Rutherford, John. c.1520-1577


A philosopher and Church of Scotland minister, he was born in Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, the second son of Andrew/Archibald Rutherford. Rutherford studied under Nicolas de Grouchy at the Collège de Guyenne in Bordeaux before accompanying him and George Buchanan to the new college of arts at Coimbra in Portugal in 1547.

After receiving his licence in arts, Rutherford lectured at Coimbra and then, about late 1551, went to Paris, where he was incorporated as a master in the university.John Hamilton, Archbishop of St Andrews, and John Douglas, provost of St Mary's, invited him to teach humanity at St Mary's in 1556.

Rutherford's major work, Commentariorum de arte disserendi libri quatuor, with an epistle dedicatory to Hamilton, was published in Paris in 1557.

Succeeded William Cranston as provost of St Salvator's College, St Andrews, from 1560-1577.  Became minister of Cults. 

Because of advancing age Rutherford resigned his provostship at St Salvator's on 29 August 1577, and he died between 20 September and 18 December that year.

Biography References: ESl 140.

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