Melvin Collection

Biography: The Library of James Melvin, M.A., LL.D., Rector of Aberdeen Grammar School was presented by his sister, Agnes, 1856

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Owner (other form of name) Book Title Author Publication Place Date
Melvin Collection (Collections 1481). Tibullus. Reggio Emilia 1481
Melvin Collection Punica 1492. Silius Italicus, Tiberius Catius. Venice 1492
Melvin Collection Res Venetae. Sabellico,1436?-1506. Venice 1487
Melvin Collection Opera. Poliziano, Angelo,1454-1494. Venice 1498
Melvin Collection Vitae pontificum. Platina,1421-1481. Nuremberg 1481
Melvin Collection Opera latina. Petrarca, Francesco,1304-1374. Basel 1496
Melvin Collection De proprietate latini sermonis. Nonius Marcellus.. Venice 1478
Melvin Collection De nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii Latin 1500. Martianus Capella. Modena 1500
Melvin Collection (Collections Latin 1487). Horace. Milan 1487
Melvin Collections Iliad Latin 1474. Homer. Brescia 1474
Melvin Collection Epistole Marsilii Ficini. Ficino, Marsilio,1433-1499. Venice 1495
Melvin Colleciton (Collections 1485). Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Venice 1485
Melvin Collection Opera omnia. Campano,da Novara,d. 1296. Rome 1495
Melvin Collection Commentarii in Valerium Martialem atque in Ibin Ovid. Calderinus, Domitius. Venice 1474
Melvin Collection Genealogiae deorum. Boccaccio, Giovanni,1313-1375. Venice 1494
Melvin Collection Declamatio philosophi, medici, oratoris de excellentia. Beroaldo, Filippo,1453-1505. Bologna 1497
Melvin Collection Heptalogos sive Septem sapientes. Beroaldo, Filippo,1453-1505. Bologna 1498
Melvin Collection Orationes et carmina. Beroaldo, Filippo,1453-1505. Brescia 1497
Melvin Collection Scriptores historiae Augustae. Venice 1490