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Cargill, Thomas

Biography: One of the earliest of Aberdeen Latin poets who wrote in honour of the foundation of Marischal Coll., he was master of the Grammar School 1580-1601. Brother of James.

From Provenance Catalogue: Much honoured and respected by the Town Council, Cargill was Master of New Aberdeen Grammar School from 1552 til his death in 1601. He wrote Latin verse in praise of Marischal College and of special events.
See Keith, Alexander: A thousand years of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, 1972; Wyness, J. Fenton: City by the grey North Sea, Aberdeen, 1972; The Spalding Club: Extracts from the register of the Burgh of Aberdeen, 1398-1625, Aberdeen, 1844-48.

Biography Date: fl. 1580-1601

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes (See Bibliog. Aberd. Vol. I, p91, & refs there given); Drummond 297

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