Melvin, James

Biography: Dr James Melvin (1795-1853) amassed a fine library of Latin classical writers, and works relating to Latin language and literature. Born in Aberdeen, he entered Aberdeen Grammar School, and then attended Marischal College as first bursar and graduated MA in 1813. After graduation, he entered the teaching profession and became a master in his former school. In 1826 he became Rector, a post which he held until his death in 1853. In 1839, and again in 1852, he unsuccessfully applied for the professorship in Latin at Marischal College. Despite this unrealised ambition, Melvin was regarded as one of the greatest Latin scholars of his day, and was the author of a Latin Grammar which remained in print for many years. In 1856 he bequeathed his library of just under 7000 volumes to Marischal College, presented by his sister Miss Agnes Melvin. The Collection was further added to by Francis Edmond, LLD, of Kingswells in 1884.

Biography Date: 1795-1853

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