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Cockburn, Patrick

Biography: Church of Scotland minister. Born Choicelee, Berwickshire. Matriculated and graduated B.A., St Andrews 1526, then Paris. Taught theology at St Leonard's when he returned to Scotland. Prebend of Pitcox in the collegiate church of Dunbar. Licensed to go to France with Lord James Stewart 1548, and from then divided his time between St Andrews and Paris. Familiar with the three languages (Greek, Latin, and Hebrew) and professor of oriental languages at the Sorbonne. Attended the wedding of Queen Mary and the dauphin in 1558. Author of some works published at Paris. Joined the protestants at the advent of the Reformation. Became first protestant minister of Haddington in 1562, also appointed to preach in the Merse, Berwickshire. Appointed chaplain of Trinity aisle in Haddington 1563. Died at Haddington 1568.

Biography Date: d.1568

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB; ESL 83

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