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Sinclair, John

Biography: Probably graduated St Andrews 1527. Graduated in arts at Paris 1531. Returned to Scotland and incorporated at St Andrews as licentiate of civil law in 1537. Lectured in canon law at King's College, and held the parsonage of Snow (the Snow Kirk) and the vicarage of Alford. Lord of Session 1540, but kept his prebend til 1542. Dean of Restalrig 1542. Began preaching at Restalrig in 1558. May have instigated the French to attack Scottish protestants, who considered Restalrig a "monument of idolatry". By 1565, he had been forced to flee to France, where he returned to the University of Paris to gain a doctorate in civil and canon law. He remained in France til after his brother's death in January 1565. Officiated at the marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley in July 1565, and presented to the bishopric of Brechin, although he may never have been consecrated. Succeeded his elder brother Henry as President of the Court of Session from April 1565. Died Edinburgh, 1566, after a fever. Probable author of Sinclair's Practicks, which records some of the earliest decisions of the Court of Session with civilian and canonist commentary (may have been his brother, but internal evidence suggests John).

Biography Date: d.1566

Biography References: CERL; DNB; ESL 60;

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