Menzies, John

Menzies, John

Biography: Menzies John 1624-1684 Graduated from Marischal College not earlier than 1642, and was appointed a regent at the same institution in about 1644. Menzies held this post until 1650 when he was appointed Professor of Divinity, and at the same time became incumbent of Greyfriars Church in Aberdeen. He became Professor of Divinity at King's College, Aberdeen for about two years, but left that post in 1680 to return to his Marischal Professorship. After hesitation he acceded to episcopacy in the early 1660s. His writings show him to have been stridently anti-Catholic and equally hostile towards Quaker thinking.

Biography Date: 1624-1684

Biography References: Marischal Fasti; DNB

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