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Hollis, Thomas

Biography: Unqualified supporter of English (British) liberties and parliamentary reform. Independently wealthy, Hollis organised the distribution of progressive and sympathetic texts to libraries in Britain, Continental Europe and America. Some of his book donations were especially bound, with libertarian / reformist symbols.

Biography Date: 1720-1774

Biography References: DNB; Harvard University Library

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Owner (other form of name) Book Title Author Publication Place Date
Hollis, Thomas Two treatises of government. Locke, John London 1764
Hollis, Thomas Tryals for high-treason, and other crimes : with proceedings on bills of attainder, and impeachments, for three hundred years past. Salmon, Thomas London 1720
Hollis, Thomas The works of Benjamin Hoadly. Hoadly, Benjamin London 1773
Hollis, Thomas The origin and structure of the Greek tongue, in a series of letters addressed to a young nobleman. Sharpe, Gregory London 1767
Hollis, Thomas The life of John Milton, ... with Amyntor, or A defence of Milton's life, ... and various notes now added. Toland, John London 1761
Hollis, Thomas The elements of trigonometry. Emerson, William London 1764
Hollis, Thomas The elements of optics. Emerson, William London 1768
Hollis, Thomas The doctrine of fluxions, not only explaining the elements thereof, but also its application and use in the several parts... Emerson, William London 1757
Hollis, Thomas The confessional. Blackburne, Francis London 1767
Hollis, Thomas Scotorum historiae a prima gentis origine. Boece, Hector Paris 1574
Hollis, Thomas Reflections on the government of Indostan. Scrafton, Luke London 1770
Hollis, Thomas Plato redivivus; or, A dialogue concerning government. Neville, Henry London 1763
Hollis, Thomas New experiments and observations on electricity. Franklin, Benjamin London 1754
Hollis, Thomas Letters concerning toleration. Locke, John London 1765
Hollis, Thomas Grammatica linguae anglicanae, cui praefigitur de loquela, sive de sanorum omnium loquilarium formatione : tractatus grammatico-physicus. Wallis, John London 1765
Hollis, Thomas Experiments and observations on different kinds of air. Priestley, Joseph London 1775-77
Hollis, Thomas Considerations on the present state of the controversy between the Protestants and Papists of Great Britain and Ireland. Blackburne, Francis London 1768
Hollis, Thomas Biographia Britannica; or, The lives of the most eminent persons who have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland, from the... London 1747-1766
Hollis, Thomas Anecdotes of painting in England, with some account of the principal artists, and incidental notes on other arts. Walpole, Horace Strawberry Hill 1762
Hollis, Thomas A collection of several tracts of the Right Honourable Edward, Earl of Clarendon. Clarendon, E. H. London 1727