Mackaile, Matthew

Mackaile, Matthew

Biography: Apothecary and physician in Edinburgh, where he achieved the status of burgess and guildbrother on 11 November 1658. During the previous year he had spent some time at the instigation of James Sharp, the future archbishop of St Andrews, in London, where he wrote a number of papers on matters of religion and the church. Mackail then moved to Aberdeen, where he practised medicine, and obtained the degree of MD from King's College on 14 July 1696. Mackail was a prolific author on medical and scientific matters. The poll tax records for 1696 reveal him as living in Aberdeen with his wife and son. A portrait of Mackail is in the possession of Marischal College. The date of Mackail's death is unknown.--D.N.B.

Biography Date: fl. 1657-1696

Biography References: DNB

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Owner (other form of name) Book Title Author Publication Place Date
Mackaile, Matt. Archacologiae philosophicae : sive Doctrina antiqua de rervm originibvs. Burnet, Thomas London 1692
Matt. Mackaile The theory of the earth : containing an account of the original of the earth and of all the general... Burnet, Thomas London 1684
Matt. Mackaile Telluris theoria sacra : orbis nostri originem et mutationes generales, quas aut mam subiit aut Burnet, Thomas London 1681 - 1689
Matt. Mackaile Telluris theoria sacra : orbis nostri originem & mutationes generales quas aut jam subiit aut olim subiturus est complectens Burnet, Thomas London 1689
Matt. Mackaile An answer to the late exceptions made by Mr Erasmus Warren against the theory of the earth Burnet, Thomas London 1690
Matt. Mackaile Some animadversions upon a book intituled The theory of the earth Croft, Herbert London 1685
Matt. Mackaile Geologia Warren, Erasmus London 1690
Matt. Mackaile Moses vindicatus Graverol, Jean Amsterdam 1694
Matt. Mackaile Gabrielis Falloppii opera omnia, in unum congesta Falloppio, Gabriello Frankfurt 1600 - 06
Matt. Mackaile Emblemata Florentii Schoonhovii partim moralia partim etiam civilia. Cum latiori eorundem ejusdem Auctoris interpretatione. Accedunt et alia quaedam poematia in... Schoonhoven, Florent Amsterdam 1648
Matt. Mackaile De efficaci medicina libri III. Opus nunc primum in lucem datum Severino, Marco Aurelio Frankfurt 1646
Matt. Mackaile Triboetetos e trisereistos Severino, Marco Aurelio Frankfurt 1653
Matt. Mackaile Moffet-well Mackaile, Matthew Edinburgh 1664
Matt. Mackaile Moffet-well Mackaile, Matthew Edinburgh 1664
Matt. Mackaile Noli-me-tangere tactum Mackaile, Matthew 1675
Matt. Mackaile Macis macerata, or, A short treatise, concerning the use of mace, in meat, or drink, and medicine Mackaile, Matthew Aberdeen 1677
Matt. Mackaile Terrae prodromus theoricus : containing, a short account of, Moses philosophizans. Or, the old (yet new) and true, Scripture theory... Mackaile, Matthew Aberdeen 1691