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Pentland, Lady Marjorie Adeline Gordon, Baroness

Biography: Wife of John Sinclair, first Baron Pentland. They were married on 12th July 1904. Marjorie was the only daughter of John Campbell Gordon, seventh earl and first marquess of Aberdeen.

Biography Date: 1880-1970

Biography References: DNB;

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Owner (other form of name) Book Title Author Publication Place Date
Pentland, Lady Irish ways. Barlow, J. London 1911
Pentland, Lady Historical ballad poetry of Ireland / arranged by M. J. Brown, with an introd. by Stephen J. Brown. Brown, M. J. Dublin and Belfast 1912
Pentland, Lady Anecdotes of the Connaught circuit: From its foundation in 1604 to close upon the present time / by Oliver J.... Burke, O. J. Dublin 1885
Pentland, Lady Old Irish life. Callwell, J. M. Edinburgh 1912
Pentland, Lady Ireland from the Union to Catholic emancipation: a study of social, economic, and administrative conditions, 1800-1829. Chart, D. A. London 1910
Pentland, Lady The Irish song book, with original Irish airs. Graver, A. P. London 1905
Pentland, Lady To-day and to-morrow in Ireland: essays on Irish subjects. Gwynn, S. L. Dublin 1903
Pentland, Lady Songs from Leinster. Letts, W. M. London 1913
Pentland, Lady The Pope's green island. Ryan, W. P. London 1912
Pentland, Lady M. Home life in Ireland. Lynd, R. London 1909
Pentland, Lady M. Irish recollections. McCarthy, J. London 1911
Pentland, Lady M., Baroness Seventy years of Irish life: being anecdotes and reminiscences. Le Fanu, W. R. London 1914
Pentland, Lady Marjorie, Baroness Modern Ireland and her agrarian problem. Bonn, M. J. Dublin 1906
Pentland, Lady Marjorie, Baroness Liber Ardmachanus: The Book of Armagh. Gwynn, J. Dublin 1913
Pentland, Lady Marjorie, Baroness The world's debt to the Irish. Walsh, J. J. Boston 1926
Pentland, Lady, Baroness The light on Ireland / by Pamela Hinkson Hinkson, P. London 1935
Pentland, Marjorie, Lady The lighter side of Irish life. Birmingham, G.A. London 1911
Pentland, Marjorie, Lady Types of Celtic life and art. Hitchcock, F. R. M. Dublin 1909
Pentland, Marjorie, Lady Ireland in the new century. Plunkett, H. C. London 1904
Pentland, Marjorie, Lady The national being: some thoughts on an Irish policy. Russell, G. W. New York 1916
Pentland, Marjorie, Lady Medicine in antient Erin: an historical sketch from Celtic to mediaeval times. Wellcome, H. S., Sir London 1909