Aberdeen Grammar School

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Biography: The exact date of the founding of Aberdeen Grammar School is unknown. Official school records use the year 1257, but the first documentary reference to the Grammar School is in 1418, when the Burgh Records show the appointment of a new Master of the Schools. It was based in Schoolhill until 1863, when a new building was erected on Skene Street. The new building allowed the school to expand its curriculum to include modern languages, drawing and gymnastics. The new building was extended in the 1960s and 1970s, with two new wings, a clock tower and turrets being added. Girls were admitted to the school for the first time in 1973. The school was damaged by fire in 1986, leaving 70 percent of the building destroyed, including the library, trophy room and other classrooms. It has been rebuilt over several years with modern facilities. The school was renamed Rubislaw Academy in 1970, but reverted to Aberdeen Grammar School in 1977. Its most notable alumnus is the Romantic poet Lord Byron, who attended the school for four years.

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