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Stanhope, George

Biography: Dean of Canterbury. Born March 1660, Derbyshire. Attended Uppingham School til 1667, then Eton College. Admitted King's College, Cambridge 1677, fellow 1680, B.A., 1682, M.A., 1685. Vicar of Quy, Cambridgeshire 1687-8, vice-proctor 1688, then rector of Tewin, Hertfordshire 1689-1702. Vicar of Lewisham, Kent, from 1689 til his death. Chaplain to the earl of Dartmouth and tutor to his son. Chaplain to King William and Queen Mary from 1694, and continued in the post under Queen Anne and King George I. Incorporated at Oxford 1696, D.D., 1697. Boyle lecturer, 1701, which he subsequently published. Vicar of St Nicholas, Deptford in 1702. Dean of Canterbury, 1704. Stanhope had links to the high church and was a member of the tory October Club, but was also friendly with low-churchmen - he was nominated as prolocutor of the lower house of convocation by the moderate clergy in 1705, and was given the position in 1714. He was removed from his role as royal chaplain for his criticism of Bishop Benjamin Hoadly in 1718. Stanhope published correspondence on the decrease in baptisms (1758), Paraphrase and Comment upon the Epistle and Gospels (1706-08), translations from Latin to English and many of his sermons. He was considered an excellent preacher, and delivered sermons on a number of public occasions. He died in Bath, March 1728.

Biography Date: 1660-1728

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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