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Hamilton, Robert

Biography: Political economist and mathematician. Born Edinburgh 1743, eighth son of Gavin Hamilton, bookseller and publisher. Began working as a clerk for Hogg & Son, bankers. Candidate for the mathematical chair at Marischal Coll., 1766 but was unsuccessful. Partner in a paper mill with his father. Rector of Perth Academy, 1769. LLD., Edinburgh, 1775. Chair of Natural Philosophy, Marischal Coll., 1779. Exchanged duties with Copland, the professor of mathematics, in 1780, but did not officially take up the post until 1817. Librarian, Marischal Coll., 1796-99. He wrote numerous mathematical and economic works, but his chief work was the Inquiry concerning the rise and progress, the reduction and present state, and the management of the national debt of Great Britain and Ireland, in 1813. After 50 years of teaching, he died in Aberdeen, 1829. Hist last work was published posthumously in 1830.

Biography Date: 1743-1829

Biography References: CERL; DNB; Fasti 46, 48, 54, 75;

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