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Anderson, James

Biography: Agriculturist and political economist. Born Hermiston, nr Edinburgh. Inherited a large farm there at 15. Married Margaret Seton, 1768, and took over her farm at Monkshill, Aberdeenshire. Early adherent of the principles of political economy. Noted for his use of the newly designed two-horse plough at Monkshill. Large body of publications, and said to have 14 aliases. Very concerned with the highland economy and its growth points. Became friends with Jeremy Bentham in 1776-93. Was involved in Bentham's plan for the Panopticon and was expected to bid for managing it. Moved to Edinburgh, 1783, and from there made visits to London. LLD, University of Aberdeen, 1786. Published a weekly paper in Edinburgh, 1790-4. Moved to Middlesex, 1797. Produced a monthly journal 1797-1802. Died at West Ham, Essex, 1808.

Biography Date: 1739-1808

Biography References: LOC; DNB;

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