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Paterson, John

Biography: Archbishop of Glasgow. Admitted Marischal Coll., 1648, admitted to study theology at St Andrews 1655. Regent, St Leonard's College, St Andrews 1658. Succeeded his father as minister of Ellon, Aberdeenshire 1660. Admitted Tron Kirk, Edinburgh 1663. Royal chaplain 1668. Dean of Edinburgh 1672, burgess 1673. Bishop of Galloway 1674-9. Privy Councillor 1678. Bishop of Edinburgh 1679. Caught in a struggle between the earl of Aberdeen, the marquess of Queensberry and the earl of Perth 1684, omitted from the council. Reappointed to council 1686. Archbishop of Glasgow 1687. Imprisoned 1691 for plotting with the earl of Arran, accepted voluntary banishment 1693. Visited Leiden and Hamburg. Allowed to live under surveillance in London 1695. Returned to Scotland 1697, finally released 1701. Died Edinburgh 1708.

Biography Date: 1632-1708

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB; Fasti 214.

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