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Lawson, Henry

Biography: Astronomer. Born at Greenwich, 1774. Attended Dr Burney's School in Greenwich, then apprenticed to an optician in the Spectaclemakers' Company 1788. Master of the company 1803-5 and 1822-4. Member of the Society of Arts 1803. Equipped an observatory in 1826 with a 5ft refractor, and an 11ft refractor in 1834. Elected to the Royal Astronomical Society 1833. Observations of 1839-40 published by the R.A.S. Fellow of the Royal Society 1840. Moved to Bath 1841 and mounted his telescopes on the roof of his house. Published papers 1844, 1847. Voted silver medal of the Society of Arts 1844. Member of the British Meterological Society 1850. Offered his apparatus to the town of Nottingham 1851, conditional on an observatory being built, but the plan failed. His 11ft telescope was presented to the Royal Naval College at Greenwich. Died Bath, 1855.

Biography Date: 1774-1855

Biography References: LOC; DNB;

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