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Campbell, John, 4th Earl of Loudoun

Biography: Army officer. Son of Hugh Campbell, third earl. Born at Loudoun Castle, 1705. Entered the Royal Scots Greys as a cornet 1727, had risen to captain 1737, in the 3rd foot guards. Succeeded his father 1731. Elected as a Scottish representative peer 1734. Elected fellow of the Royal Society 1738. Governor of Stirling Castle 1741. Campaigned in Flanders 1743, appointed aide-de-camp to George II. Played an active pro-government role in the Jacobite rising of 1745. Served as adjutant-general to the commander-in-chief of Scotland at Prestonpans. Captured at Prestonpans but escaped and sailed north to Inverness to take command of troops there. Attempted to capture Bonnie Prince Charlie at Moy Hall, but the attempt ended in farce when five Jacobites convinced his 1500 men that there was a large ambushing force. Retreated to the Black Isle, then Skye. Earned a reputation for honourable conduct towards surrendering rebels. Colonel of the 30th foot, 1749. Major-general 1755. Commander-in-chief of forces in North America, 1756. Simultaneously appointed to the sinecure of governor-general of Virginia and colonel of the 60th foot. Recalled 1757 due to lack of military progress. Appointed second in command to British forces in Portugal 1762, then assumed command June 1762. Governor of Edinburgh Castle 1763. Colonel of the 3rd foot guards and general 1770. Died at Loudon Castle, 1782. Succeeded by his cousin.

Biography Date: 1705-82

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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