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Levingston, Alex.

Biography: First earl of Linlithgow. Politician and courtier. Fought with the Queen's party in the civil wars 1567-73. Captured at Dumbarton Castle 1571. Accompanied James VI on his entry to Edinburgh 1579. Gentleman of the chamber 1580. Mustered forces against the Ruthven raiders, retreated to Glasgow, and then to France with the earl of Lennox. Returned to Scotland 1583. Took a conservative stance early 1590s. Succeeded as Lord Livingstone 1592. Privy councillor 1593. Feud with the earl of Mar 1595-9. Appointed keeper of Princess Elizabeth 1596. Created earl of Linlithgow 1600. Connection with court lapsed after union of the crowns 1603. Keeper of the palace of Linlithgow. Died at Callendar House, Falkirk, 1621.

Biography Date: d.1621

Biography References: DNB;

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