Grant, Francis [Sir, Lord Cullen]

Biography: Judge and writer. Born Balintomb, Moray in either 1658, 1660 or 1663. Entered the arts class at King's Coll., 1678. Possibly spent some time taking informal law classes in Edinburgh, before moving to the Netherlands, entering the University of Leiden 1684. Studied under Voet. Returned to Scotland 1687 for admission to the Faculty of Advocates, but this was delayed due to the revolution of 1688. Introduced Grotius' theories of just war to the Scottish debate to justify the revolution and William's right to the throne. Admitted to the Faculty of Advocates 1691 and soon established a flourishing practice. Curator of the Advocates' Library 1694-1700. Published Saducismus debellatus 1698. Founded a praying society in 1698, which went on the become the Edinburgh Scoiety for the Reformation of Manners and then the Society in Scotland for Propagating the Gospel, which became notorious for its Anglicising highland missions. Created Baronet of Nova Scotia 1705. Favoured the union in 1707. Raised to the bench as ordinary Lord of Session (Lord Cullen) 1709. Described as a "living library" by one of his fellow senators. Purchased the estate of Monymusk in 1713. Served on the post-rising visitation commission to King's Coll. During the 1700s published various works dealing with the reformation of manners, sabbatarianism, the execution of laws against profaneness, and the use of informers in effecting such prosecutions. Died Edinburgh, 1726.

Biography Date: 1658x63-1726

Biography References: LOC; CERL (EEBO); DNB;

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