Boyle, John, 5th Earl of Cork and 5th Earl of Orrery, 2nd Baron Marston.

Biography: Biographer. Born London, 1707. Educated at home 1713-17, Westminster School 1717-23, matriculated Christ Church, Oxford 1723. Left Oxford without taking a degree 1725, for a continental tour. Troubled relationship with his father, who died 1731. Lost his wife after their arrival in Ireland, 1732, leaving him with three young children. Also in a financial predicament due to assuming his father's debts and a less profitable estate than expected. Took his seat in the House of Lords, 1735. Married again 1738. Involved in politics 1739-49. Best known work, Remarks on the Life and Writings of Jonathan Swift, published 1751. Retired to Italy 1754-5 due to continuing financial problems, recieved a secret service pension from his return til his death. Created M.A. and D.C.L., Oxford, 1743. Friend of Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope and Samuel Johnson. Published several works of translations, and a collection of his letters from Italy. Died Marston, 1762.

Biography Date: 1707-62

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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