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Boece, Arthur

Biography: Brother of the more famous Hector Boece. Chaplain to the altar of St Mary Magdalene, Burgh church of St Nicholas, Aberdeen. Annexed to the university as a burse in Civil Law, until 1 Oct 1506.First Canonist of King's College c.1520. Chancellor of the Cathedral of Brechin 1527-1532, visited Rome in 1517. Rector of the Snow Kirk, Old Aberdeen, Canon of Aberdeen 1529-33 and . Judge of the Supreme Court in 1532. He was also Master of the Old Aberdeen Grammar School until his death. See The Spalding Club: Registrum Episcopatum Aberdonensis. Edinburgh, 1845.

Biography Date: fl.1502-1518.

Biography References: AndersonStudies in the history of the university; CERL; Fasti 29; Drummond 296; ESL 76;

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