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Boswell, Alexander (Lord Auchinleck)

Biography: Scottish judge. Born Auchinleck, Ayrshire, 1707. Studied law at Leiden, passed advocate 1727. Sheriff of Wigtownshire 1748-50. Lived at Parliament Close, Edinburgh. Inherited the estate of Auchinleck, 1749. Appointed to the Court of Session 1754-82 and the Court of Justiciary 1755-80. Took the title Lord Auchinleck. Spent court recesses at Auchinleck. Built a mansion at Auchinleck 1762. Bought a house in the New Town of Edinburgh 1782, leaving a liferent to his second wife, which incensed his son James. Died Edinburgh, August 1782. Fine classical scholar and amassed an immense library.

Biography Date: 1707-82

Biography References: LOC; DNB;

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Owner (other form of name) Book Title Author Publication Place Date
Boswel, Alex. Archaeologia graeca, or, The antiquities of Greece. (2 vols.) Potter, J. London 1706
Boswel, Alexr. De l'esprit des loix. Montesquieu, C de. Edinburgh 1750
Boswel, Alexr. (Collections Latin 1549) Horace Paris 1549
Boswell, Alex. Ouinti Horatii Flacci poemata, scoliis et argumentis ab Henr. Stephano illustrata. Horace. Paris 1549
Boswell, Alex. A. Persii Satyrarum liber I.D. Iunii Iuvenalis Satyrarum lib. V. Sulpiciae Satyra I. Cum veteribus commentariis nunc primum editis. Ex... Persius. Paris 1585
Boswell, Alex. Dicaearchi Geographica quaedam, sive de vita Graeciae. Eiusdem Descriptio Graeciae, versibus iambicis ad Theophrastum. Cum Lat. interpretatione atque annot. Henr.... Dicaearchus, Messenius. Geneva 1589
Boswell, Alex. De Gallica verborum declinatione. Estienne, R. Paris 1540
Boswell, Alex. Rudimenta. Despauterius, J. Paris 1546
Boswell, Alex. Les declinaisons des noms & verbes que doibet scauoir entieremetpar cueur les enfans, ausquels on veuet bailler entree a la... Estienne, R. 1545
Boswell, Alex. Exempla de Latino declinatu partium orationis. Cordier, M. Paris 1540
Boswell, Alex. De Judicibus.
Boswell, Alexander (Lord Auchinleck) De sublimitate libellus cum proifatione de vita and scriptis Longini notis, indicibus and variis lectionibus. Longinus. Oxford 1710
Boswell, Alexander (Lord Auchinleck) Les oeuvres. Molière. Amsterdam 1713
Boswell, Alexander (Lord Auchinleck) The works of Armand de Bourbon, Prince of Conti. Conti, Armand de Bourbon. London 1711
Boswell, Alexander (Lord Auchinleck) Critical reflections on poetry, painting and music, with an inquiry into the rise and progress of the theatrical entertainments of... Du Bos, J. London 1748
Boswell, Alexander (Lord Auchinleck) An essay concerning human understanding. Locke, J. London 1721