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Winzett, Ninian

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Biography: Abbot in Regensburg and religious controversialist. Born Renfrew. DNB states he may have attended Paisley grammar school but was not a university graduate. LOC states he earned a B.A., 1537, under the name William Windegait and M.A., 1539. Ordained priest 1540, changed his name to Ninian. Taught at Linlithgow grammar school from about 1551. Expelled from Linlithgow 1561, after refused to sign the confession of faith, and admitted to Queen Mary's court. Forced to flee from Edinburgh July 1562 and left the country in September. Went to Louvain and Antwerp 1563, then Paris by 1565. Graduated in arts at University of Paris 1566. Taught or served as an official until 1570. Travelled to Sheffield 1571 on Queen Mary's request to become her confessor, then joined Bishop Leslie in London and Huntingdonshire. Back in Paris by 1572-3, then Douai 1574 where he graduated licentiate of theology. Travelled to Rome autumn 1574 where he helped Bishop Leslie prepare his latin history of Scotland. Appointed abbot of the Scots monastery at Regensburg 1577. Instituted a college there. Published controversial work 1582. Critically ill 1583 but slowly recovered. Died Regensburg, 1592.

Biography Date: 1518/9-1592

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB; ESL 161; Drummond 308;

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