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Boece, Hector


Born and educated in Dundee then Paris, finishing at college of Montaigu not later than 1485, rector (prof) there 1492-8 while Erasmus there also. After 1498 met William Elphinstone. Boece was first principal of King's College, Aberdeen and also acted as first de facto librarian, also canon of the cathedral, rector of Tyrie 1509, vicar of Tullynessle 1528, chaplain of the altar of St Ninian, doctor of medicine by 1506, doctor in theology 1528. Wrote and published his Scotorum historia.

From Provenance Catalogue: Hector Boece was born in Dundee c.1465. After a preliminary education at Dundee, he studied at St. Andrews and later at Paris, where he became a professor and Principal of the College of Montaigne, 1492-8. In 1498 he was appointed Principal of King's College. He conscientiously tried to encourage learning in the North-East of Scotland. He wrote a history of Scotland which shows him credulous of fable, but his style is elegant. He was Canon of Aberdeen and Rector of Tyrie. On his death in 1536 he was buried in King's College Chapel.

Biography Date: c.1465-1536

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB; Fasti 23; Drummond 296;

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