Tristram, Henry Baker

Biography: Explorer, geologist and scientist. Born Eglingham 1822. Educated at Durham School, then Lincoln College, Oxford 1839. B.A., 1844, M.A., 1846. Ordained deacon 1845 and ordained priest 1846. Went to Bermuda because of lung problems, naval and military chaplain there 1847-9, and secretary to the Governor. Rector of Castle Eden, County Durham 1849-60. Travelled to Algeria for the winters of 1855-6 and 1856-7. Visited Palestine and Egypt in the winter of 1858-9. Published The Great Sahara 1860. Master of the hospital of Greatham and vicar of Greatham 1860. Published The Land of Israel 1865. Honorary L.L.D, Edinburgh University 1868. Honorary Canon of Durham 1870, and canon residentiary 1874. Offered the bishopric of Jerusalem in 1879 but declined. Visited Palestine again in 1880-01, 1894 and 1897. Travelled in Japan and China in 1891. An avid and diligent collector and a pioneer of Palestine zoology. His collection of birds passed to the museum in Liverpool; his collection of birds' eggs passed to the Natural History Museum. Published many works on topography and his travel. Fellow of the Royal Society. Died Durham 1906.

Biography Date: 1822-1906

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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