Traherne, John Montgomery

Biography: Antiquary. Born Coedrhiglan, Glamorgan. Educated at private schools in Hammersmith, 1800, and Lodiers, Dorset, 1801-6. Matriculated Oriel Coll., Oxford 1806, proceeded B.A., 1810, M.A., 1813. Ordained deacon 1811, priest 1812. Fellow of the Linnean Society 1813, Fellow of the Geological Society 1817, Fellow of the Royal Society 1823. Became a chief authority on the history, genealogy and archaeology of Glamorgan. Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries 1838. Chancellor of the diocese of Llandaff 1844-51. Died Coedrhiglan, 1860. The greater part of his collections are in the National Library of Wales.

Biography Date: 1788-1860

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes; LOC; CERL; DNB;

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