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Stuart, Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales

Biography: Son of James VI & I. Born Stirling Castle 1594. Removed from his Catholic mother and lived with the Earl of Mar at Stirling Castle 1594-1603. Educated by scholar Adam Newton and Sir David Murray from 1599. Especially adept at sports and physical exercises. Became Duke of Cornwall 1603 (after his father's succession to the throne). Handed over to his mother 1603, then moved to England. Arrived Windsor Castle June 1603. Invested Knight of the Garter July 1603. Moved to Surrey due to threat of plague, separated from his mother again until 1604. Returned to London 1604 to much fanfare. Matriculated Magdalen Coll., Oxford 1605. Initiated into the company of Merchant Taylors 1607. Interested in military, chivalric and naval endeavours. Created Pince of Wales and earl of Chester June 1610, surrounded by a year of court festivities. Patron of the arts, collected books, mannerist paintings, Florentine bronzes, antique coins, medals and cameos and curiosities. Fell ill with fever (probably typhoid) Oct 1612. Died Nov 1612.

Biography Date: 1594-1612

Biography References: LOC; CERL; DNB;

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